The Muslim Brotherhood won Egyptian elections

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Here’s the story. Assume that.

Now what?

The West has predicted that the Arab Spring would bring democracy. It did. Also, a party that will impose sharia law. Assume for now that sharia law is wrong. As in it is a wrong construct of law to use, or less right than others available.

Should we, the West, the democrats, the enlightened, force a democratic party?
If you believe democracy is the least bad option and that sharia law is not, you will want to say yes. But as a democrat, consistency makes you say no. They shall suffer sharia law, and they will come around.

But what is your non-imposition worth? How many gay people have to be hung untill you decide this is not an acceptable way to run a country?

Should tecnocrats and supercommittees decide? Should regular politicians – assuming again, they do represent the people – decide? Should the people suffer their own ignorance, or should they be saved from themselves?

Related to that, should you wait for society to grow up and start accepting women as politicians and black kids as students, or should they suffer until society does grow up? If it does grow up. Do you want to impose change trough law or trough time?

Now watch me backpedal: What if you are wrong? What if this imposition of “Right” is taken over by people that are wrong? What if your will is good and the reasons of your country are not?

What is your non-imposition worth?


Consider /asia/14minerals.html?pagewanted=all

What is your non-imposition worth?

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One Response to The Muslim Brotherhood won Egyptian elections

  1. Dan Dravot says:

    The answer is that there isn’t one. When you do what’s obviously best, sometimes it turns out to be so, and sometimes not. I’m quite certain it was a good idea to let black kids go to school. On the other hand, it was a fatal mistake to let women vote. I would have made the same mistake myself, at the time. Maybe letting women vote in Egypt will turn out to be a good idea, in the long run. Like the man said, it’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.

    I recommend a bias in favor of humility and restraint. May as well: The days are long past when the populations of countries like Egypt were willing to tolerate colonial rule. And while colonial rule may in some cases arguably have been an improvement, it made things worse more often than not. Too strong a bias in favor of confident action, and you find yourself reliably making things worse.

    I agree, it’s a shame that bad things happen.