Warner Brothers Officially New Expert Source On Relationships

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The seven-year itch has become the three-year anaphylaxis, according to a survey mentioned at CBSNews Healthwatch.

This is where it gets ugly:

The survey of 2,000 adults in steady relationships – commissioned by Warner Brothers to promote the release of its new comedy, “Hall Pass” – showed that couples spend less time in the bedroom as they become more annoyed with each other. Fifty-two percent of couples in new relationships reported having sex at least three times a week, as compared to 16 percent of those whose relationships were at least three years old. . . . it’s perfectly normal to think about straying as relationships evolve.

Since when does Warner Brothers conduct a survey that’s deemed relevant to a “health issue”?

When marketing a movie about a marriage-free week, of course.

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2 Responses to Warner Brothers Officially New Expert Source On Relationships

  1. foxfire says:

    I find it ironic that after feeding us “Happily Ever After” stories for years, Hollywood is now starting to move into the reverse. The classic romance movie ends with the guy and girl getting married, then fade to black. That is when the work starts.

    Second law of thermodynamics has several interpretations, but one way to paraphrase it would be that all systems degrade over time without maintainence(application of energy to reverse decay). This applies to relationships. In my experience, relationships are something that has to be maintained.

    Without maintenance, the relationship slowly falls apart. Then you wake up 3 years later, and you feel like you barely know the person you are married to. As the baggage builds up between you and you spouse, intimacy(of any kind) becomes increasingly difficult.

    A marriage, like any relationship, must be maintained, but you have to admit, Hollywood gets a pretty cushy gig out of this. Sell everyone on the dream of happily ever after, then sell them on the opposite when that doesn’t work out.

  2. disorient says:

    If infidelity sells more than fidelity and this is new, backlash of traditional evangelist fundamentalism in the US seems almost rational, especially if it’s within a stone’s throw of frat boys bragging about rape.