Now They’re Giving Us Easy Ones

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If they hadn’t made this one up, we would have had to have invented it:

According to Thursday’s Shanghai Daily, a 17-year-old student in Huaishan City, China, gave up his right kidney to get his hands on Apple’s (AAPL) hottest-selling product.

This is reported on Apple 2.0, a site subtitled “Mac news from outside the reality distortion field”. I can’t imagine what the inside must be like. But note that we are given all the information we need to understand the story: We know which kidney the lad sold, and we know that Apple’s ticker symbol is AAPL.

And, of course, it’s those Chinese again. What’ve your kids done to make the news lately?

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2 Responses to Now They’re Giving Us Easy Ones

  1. Comus says:

    Not only his kidney but also his dignity.

  2. Pastabagel says:

    This story is seriously messed up. The kid, wanting money to buy an iPad, get’s contacted by a broker to sell his kidney, the kid agrees, goes to a hospital that isn’t certified to do the procedure but does it anyway without parental consent, and now the kid is sick. If this was America, the kid could at least hire a lawyer to sue everyone else involved, but as it stands the mother’s only recourse is to complain to the authorities who probably got bribed by the hospital to look the other way in the first place. Nice.