What are the tabloids for?

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audrina patridge mom

This is one of 5 pics of Audrina Patridge and her mother on a beach in Malibu.


Enjoying her last few days of summer, VH1 reality star Audrina Patridge spent some quality time with her mother Lynn at the beach in L.A. Wednesday. Wearing matching aqua bikinis, the two women strolled the coastline while perfecting their tans.


Audrina Patridge and her mother Lynn showed off their hills & rockin’ bods in matching teal green bikinis on the beach in Malibu on Wednesday.

Nothing beats a mother’s love … of her daughter’s fame.

Similar copy is in People and etc.

The matching bikinis could be a coincidence, but it’s more likely a clue. The tabloids seem to “catch” their celebrities unawares, but the truth is these pics are advertising.

The question is for what. We can see Audrina everywhere; this pic is there so you can say, inevitably, wow, her mom looks great for her age.

The media outlets have their own brand, whether it’s “investigative” or “uncensored” or “candid” or “personal.” That the celebrity gives them the pics, tells them what to write (“a source”= publicist) or the opportunity to “catch” them can never be revealed at the risk of losing their importance. They don’t want to be revealed to be simply publicity machines. TV shows like Extra and Access Hollywood are the same; they focus so much on minor celebrities like Audrina not because they are important, but because they have access to them and not Tom Cruise. (Until Tom needs them.)

So out of self-preservation these media show the celebrity but hide the reason. The reason will eventually come out to those who need to know it, like the interested mom who wonders, “how did she do it?” When the interested mom “finally” discovers how she did it, she feels like she wasn’t sold something.

For those who are interested: it’s the Bremenn line of skin care products. (Note the bikini.)

audrina bremenn

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