Codebreaking: Samsung’s Next Big Thing

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In it’s latest ad for it’s flagship smartphone, Samsung has decided to attack Apple head on:

Ok, actually they’ve decided to attack Apple’s customers head-on. By casting Apple’s customer base as a status conscious nothing-better-to-do hipster fanboys, they hope that you will infer that Samsung customers are the opposite: rational, driven people, persuaded by performance and quantifiable feature not by fashion, status, or brand loyalty. Who does Samsung think these people are? Who is the ad’s target? Samsung obviously does not expect iPhone users to switch, not after mocking them as latte drinking, fedora-wearing man-children. So who is Samsung going after?

Watch the commercial again. What are they showing us? Crowds. In classic American fashion, the crowd is a melting pot of ethnicity and gender.


What is the one ethnic group not represented among the people waiting in line? And what kind of person is it that declares the Galaxy to be an awesome phone?

Never mind whether what Samsung says about Apple customers is true. Who does Samsung think we think are credible opinion leaders (read: innovators) on matters of technology? In the narrative of the commercial, what generalizations is Samsung making about their target market

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4 Responses to Codebreaking: Samsung’s Next Big Thing

  1. operator says:

    In the narrative of the commercial, what generalizations is Samsung making about their target market?

    What makes this question – and this commercial – so superbly ironic is that, by defining Apple devotees (who are, of course, being called out as reprehensible in their herd-like behavior) as wrong, Samsung is suggesting that the only way to be right (i.e. to have what they’re touting as the “next big thing”) is to go buy their product … and join the less obvious herd.

    • HP says:

      Because it’s so frequently lost on so many people, irony doesn’t hinder advertising.

      Samsung: Buy the phone the Korean guy told you is good, not the one the old white bearded guy did!

  2. Judge373 says:

    I’m just happy the Asian guy got into a cab, rather than driving.

  3. boeotarch says:

    There’s a shorter, related ad they’re running on TV that boils down to “can’t you see our screen is marginally bigger, you stupid sheep?!” The tagline is “it’s all about design,” a jab at iPhone users going for a less-functional product, but the only design difference they mention at all is the bigger screen. Which, I guess, is a little more sophisticated than “just trust the Asian people, stupid.”