Meaning of Manic Pixie Dream Girl

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Wikypedia agrees with “film critic Nathan Rabin, who coined the term“, MPDG is “bubbly, shallow cinematic creature that exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.”

Feminist Anita Sarkeesian accepts this interpretation. Of course she absolutely don´t like such a stereotype and sends message to Hollywood writers. The message is at the end of the video:

“So Hollywood writers, let me remind you that woman are not here for your inspiration or celebration, or to coax out of your troubles. You might don´t know this but we are full and complete human beings with troubles, interests and creative endeavors…“

Problem is that this message is completely needless. Hollywood writers already know women are narcissists too and so we don´t have only MPDGirl, but MPDBoy too. They know that visitors who don´t want to be here for somebody else are not only these of stronger sex. I´m absolutely sure, that you can bet all of your debt on their knowing it.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl is not there for men “to help them embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures”. We already know from TV, that life is infinite adventure, so we don´t need MPDG to show us. MPDG is there exactly to help us to embrace marriage. She is there to persuade us, that marriage can be full of infinite mysteries and adventures, if we happen to be picked up by right girl.

MPDG is not there especially for men visitors. It seems MPDG shows to girls, what they need to be, to get a children and family. And it seems to be right reason for optional feminist to be set up. But, it is not. MPDG means that girls, today, are not supposed to waiting for prince on the white horse, they are supposed to want to be princess on the white horse. That is exactly what set up Sarkeesian, but shouldn´t be more proper to celebrate?

Kate Winslet in Spotless Mind is exactly the MPDG but Marylin Monroe in Some like it hot is not. In “Some like it hot” and other old movies named by Wikypedia there weren´t Manic Pixie Dream Girls because there were only Manic Pixie Dream Boys. Don´t mind, they wear woman clothes.
There are MPDBoys in our times too, but they always came here from the past: Or they are from North pole: What also means they are from past anyway. And they do to girls exactly the same things that are supposed by Sarkeesian and Wikipedia to be done only to young men – teach them to embrace life. Like I have said I think, that it´s not life own what there is supposed to be embraced, but exactly family life. Winslet wants to have a child in “Sunshine of spotless mind” and Jim Carrey don´t. Frasier wants to raise family in “Blast from the Past” and Silverstone don´t.

What characterize these characters? In MPDBoys we can see it more clearly. It mixes up conservatism and naïve infantilism. Conservatism means family values here. MPDBoy is childish (manic) father from 50s, and MPDG is childish house wife from 50s. This mix is fantasy which is trying to fix something real and that´s why we like this kind of movies. We would like to fix up our attitude to family by mixing of unmixable, because not Hollywood writers but raising family ignores that we have our “own problems, endeavors etc…”Hollywood writers only offers you illusion, that you can raise family and stay to be narcissist at once. If you can´t, it´s fault of your partner, who is completely Manipulative Psycho bad Dream XY, in spite of he/she had pretended to be MPD before you marriage him/her, which means that he/she was pretending the exactly same like you did, but you had never meant it seriously. Who can? Hollywood writers are so genial that they knew the risk and warn you in small font before they persuade you to marriage:

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5 Responses to Meaning of Manic Pixie Dream Girl

  1. Guy Fox says:

    The MPDBoy angle is new to me, and it’s actually kind of plausible, especially if Manic Pixies of both genders are supposed to symbolize the transition from child-id to spouse-parent-superego. Interesting.

    • gogo says:

      I have remember best movie about MPDB – which takes 50s to future – I had totaly forgot it when I was writing that- Truman show.

  2. vprime says:

    Parenting cures one of narcissism? Hardly.

  3. AdamSaleh1987 says:

    Tropes are available and always have been (Read: Hero With a Thousand Faces), some are racist, some are sexist. Most do not care, except feminists. You will never see a man complaining about how Matthew McConaughey “reduces” mean in movies aimed at women. Because he would be labeled a coward whereas people like Anita are “empowered”.