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Nas has been around forever. And you can see it in his smooth, understated flow, both in the rap and in the video.

At this point in his career, Nas doesn’t need subtext anymore, he doesn’t have anything he needs to hide. Nothing left to prove, no image to maintain. What you see is exactly what it is. And so the video is a rare treasure. You can see a lot of the dynamics of hood life in them, just because Nas can shrug his shoulders and say “screw it.”

What is Nas? Take a good hard look at what he’s doing when he’s rolling through his hood. He hopped out the limo two blocks away from his destination on purpose. He got out the limo with furs and jackets on in tank top weather for a reason.

This isn’t a freak occurrance. He does this every time he rolls back into town. The smooth fluidity of the wealth transfers illustrate this.

That little girl he gave the fur coat to, was probably told to be there by her mom. No smile, no thank you, just doing her job. Maybe he knows who she is, maybe he don’t.

That guy in the wheelchair he hands the stack of cash to, that’s an old gangster. Him and Nas been through a lot together. Notice the nice sneakers and the fur on his lap.

All the people on the streets, they’re there to recirculate his wealth.

Behind almost every big artist is the neighborhood he grew up in. Pop artists are creations of big money, hip-hop artists are creations of no money. Hip hop is, and has always been, a way to bring money back into the hood. Every hood is trying to conjure them up a Nas. Queensbridge just managed to hit ‘em a grand slam.

Ask yourself this: What if instead of fur coats and jewels, Nas started a foundation and built a school? Homeless shelter? Soup kitchen? Hell no, they’d disown his dumb ass. Furs and jewels and bottles of Ciroc are what these people want, so that’s what Nas gives them. Ciroc says wealth, as nasty as the stuff is. (Nas doesn’t drink it, he drinks Remy Martin) Soup kitchen means poor. Soup kitchen’s what white people build in their neighborhoods to strip away their dignity.

That’s not to say that Nas isn’t starting a foundation, it’s just that he don’t do that for his hood homies. He does that for Whitey.

What does Nas care about? Music, and that’s about it. Everything else is secondary. Been that way for over 20 years. 

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    Notice in the video the big difference between Nas’ demeanor when he’s in the limo and walking on the streets, than when he’s in his hood studio. (with the mattress on the wall for sound dampening!) Very different. He has way more energy when it’s just him and his music. The studio is his meditation. All the other stuff’s just for show.