ABC unveils the new….

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I’m no stranger to typos… but somehow ABC’s own article, about its own show, about an ordinary supermodel offered a choice from among 25 replicants…

…going unnoticed for 11 hours, by either fans or editors… Just struck me as funny.

Highest rated network show in its time slot, though. Isn’t that something. 

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2 Responses to ABC unveils the new….

  1. HP says:

    Two r’s (yes, I know the apostrophe doesn’t belong, but for clarity’s sake…), one t? Maybe it’s just my own inebriation (beer, TLP, not rum – sorry) speaking, but I’m afraid I don’t get the significance.

    • beerated says:

      She’s not actually a bachelorette; she’s not young anymore and she’s been married right? However, she’s now “the Bachelorette”, but not a bachelorette. What’s important is the quotes, they she’s playing a role but not actually what the role is. They forgot the quotes in the second line of third line of text.

      This is a mistake that has to do with reality TV.
      Oh, maybe that’s a typo too: “reality” TV. Ah. Much better.