Are Hollywood Leading Men Are Becoming More Gay? They Certainly Are Smoking Less

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So what happened?

Clearly, there’s been a move from masculinity to… something else.

And what that something else is is a feminization of masculine culture. From two sides. On the one hand, the “rise of women” has suppressed “masculine” virtues, it wants male power (physical) downplayed in favor of softer– more controllable– traits; on the other hand men themselves, having no male role models anymore, default to the ubiquitous imagery of the media– which are always feminized.

PSYCHE!  It’s none of those things, whether or not they’re true. This photo is a trick.

The proper way of understanding this picture is: if you’re watching it, it’s for you. This pic allows its adherents the ability to say something negative about feminism in the guise of social commentary. It is propaganda. “See! Men are turning into wimps! Look at the evidence!”

I’m looking. I’m looking at… fair representations of the 30-50s, minus WC Fields, Fred Astaire, Jimmy Stewart…

The 60s and 70s: sure, Clint Eastwood counts, but Warren Beatty? Are we talking about who women like or who men want to be like? And they conveniently left out: Ryan O’Neal, Mick Jagger, Montgomery Clift, David Bowie…

The 80s-90s: Tom Cruise?? He’s much more masculine today than he was in the 80s; you can say the same about John Travolta. (Paris With Love, Broken Arrow, The Punisher, and, of course, Pulp Fiction.) Those men evolved towards chest hair, not away from it. And action heroes of the 80s were reactions to the perceived decline in masculinity at that time. They were aspirational images, not reflections of the culture.

“Now”: I don’t even know who the guy in the bottom right is, and whoever included Seth Rogen/Green isn’t even trying. Ok, Edward counts, but he’s for women, not for men, so unless this infographic is trying to comment on both what post-pubescent girls are attracted to AND who males want to imitate, he doesn’t count either.

The proper way to do this would be to take specific categories of people and trace their evolution (e.g. Playmates over the years– or the boyfriends of Playmates over the years; or teen heartthrobs; or Presidents), or, as in the case of Travolta or Cruise, take a specific actor and see how he evolves.  For movies, a specific genre: how have action movies changed? (There seems to be a lot more women with weapons training.)

But the way it’s done in this pic reveals an agenda: the creator wants something to be true. It may be true. It may not be. But he has no interest in finding out if it’s true, he just needs it to be true.

Which would suggest a fairly specific kind of person. 

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10 Responses to Are Hollywood Leading Men Are Becoming More Gay? They Certainly Are Smoking Less

  1. CarbonCopy says:

    Extra ‘are’ in the title?

  2. ThomasR says:

    You had me going for a minute. I thought you had finally lost it. I’ve never been so relieved to see the word “PSYCHE.”

  3. AnonymousAtLarge says:

    IKR? He should have saved this gem for april fools.

    When I read the first few lines I was like “oh mah god he went insane”>…or “I wonder if he has been harboring this sort of irrational, juvenile sentiment all these years and he was just too afraid to express it until now? Maybe the outrage over his blog entry discussing the gender neutered child has given him confidence enough to proceed with this insanity.”

    • Or says:

      Yeah, I was not impressed with this community’s response to Skepchick’s elevator story and Scott Adams’ bitches-keeping-us-down trollage, so there was a hint of terror in the back of my mind as I read this post.

  4. wisegirl says:

    Or you could look at the male leads of a certain genre of film. For example, how do today’s action stars compare to those of the past.

  5. GOTO10 says:

    The answer to every question is narcissism

    • claudius says:

      No. The answer to (almost) every question that TLP posts about is narcissism, because that’s what he writes about.

      You wouldn’t expect someone who writes about biology to write about mathematics, anymore than you’d expect someone who writes about mathematics to write about history. Of course, there are exceptions to these general points, but I think you understand what’s being said.

      He sifts through material that is related to narc and posts about it, because, according to his blog, his general thesis is that narcissism is the root of modern society’s ills.

  6. vandal says:

    They do this with women too.

    among other things

    There’s this whole meme though of “20s, 40s, 50,s 60s 70s 90s” and now. Really annoying way of looking at it. Especially the 90s because it’s like you’re what? fucking in your 20s and already whining about the “good old days”.

    I think it’s a way of associating yourself with this over that. The classics are an objectively good thing so by saying “I’m that!” and rejecting the current (and projected as accepted by the majority) styles or whatever pop.

    It’s a really simple “I’m the sort that like this and not this”. Fucking middle schoolish.

    But I’m surprised you’d pay it any mind. It’s kind of simple actually. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if I found out a 13 year old made that picture.

  7. Or says:

    To indulge the sentiments expressed in the picture, there is some evidence that the hormonal effects of birth control pills nudge women’s taste in men toward the feminine part of the spectrum. It would also be interesting to see a study to test whether this is why so many more women than men identify as bisexual.