Motion Pictures

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I’ve seen a few posts linked here, so I thought I’d share one that seemed particularly appropriate.

A more digestible form of some themes that pop up here from time to time.

A ?new? breed of narcissism with our projected identity at the center. Others pieces in the set work, characters in our narrative. All this driven by constant reinforcement from the media.

We insert ourselves into the role of “protagonist” when consuming media (that is, the main character, the center of the universe… not a spelunking archeologist or Tokyo drifter). The movie stops, but the delusion stays; and entitlement follows. The expectation that things will work out because you are you.

This leads to frustration when the goals of the protagonist (eg: success, absolution,love) aren’t obtained with a reasonable amount of effort or within a reasonable amount of time. Of course, neither the effort, time or expectations are reasonable.

Then anger, and rejection of the set pieces that don’t fit (I’m not a natural at guitar, so I’ll try another instrument; He/She doesn’t get me, I need someone who does; Things just aren’t right here, a fresh start in a new city will do me good).

Then repeat.

Or something like that anyway.

What’s funny is that we can do all this despite the fact that 90% of us fall nicely in the center of that Bell Curve. Next time I feel like something should just go my way, I’m going to take a look at myself, look at those around me and then decide why I deserve it more than they do.

I can’t wait to see all the wonderful ways I’ll fool myself.

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3 Responses to Motion Pictures

  1. operator says:

    I can’t wait to see all the wonderful ways I’ll fool myself.

    Cue blogging montage!

    Back seat driver here with some free advice: great tie-in with previous content, but your post would definitely benefit from a lead-in picture of some variety (sad, but true: most expect at least one thousand word summary with their blog posts) and liberal quotation from the original article for those who couldn’t be bothered to follow the link.

    See where you can take the concepts – “If You’re Happy With Your Current Life, You Are Living a Lie”, “Everything Happens for a Reason, Except for the Stuff That Doesn’t Pertain to You”, “Awful People Will Someday Realize They Are Awful”, “If a Relationship Can’t Fulfill Every Need in Your Life, It’s Doomed” – that the Cracked article hasn’t already (or at least augment the Cracked analysis) and flesh out your analysis and its implications as they relate to the points made at Cracked.

    In any case, eyes on the road and keep ‘em coming – we back seat drivers have nothing to without someone else’s foot on the pedal…

  2. DGS says:

    I agree, and have tried implementing “some dude/girl named x” instead of “I am” to see if the story starts making more sense.

    However, where does looking out for #1 and going beyond your limits tie in here?