Nissan thinks you are a dumb hippie

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If I do get a chance to appear on this site, it might be mostly with captions.

Nissan leaf is a new all electric car. It uses no gas. Now look at this picture very quickly and immediately tell me – How many miles per gallon does this newly invented car get?

But wait, there is worse: 

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6 Responses to Nissan thinks you are a dumb hippie

  1. vandal says:

    screw that I still want a tesla because it’s badass looking and due to the quicker electric steering will drift smoother than fast and furious special effects

  2. Hilomh says:

    Miles per gallons of what?

  3. Guy Fox says:

    Man, that was green. The coal that drives the turbines used to be wood ‘n stuff, which is green. The lungs of your average coastal dweller in China are green. Quit harshing my buzz.

    (And they also didn’t say anything about the consequences of living in a bungalow with its own manicured lawn. Car-necessitating sprawl doesn’t just fall from the sky.)

  4. operator says:

    Dear sweet Hippie Jesus, all this “hug a bear” pap, like the electric car is some machina ex deus… no one remembers that electric buggies were invented before internal combustion and shelved because fuel efficiency (now at ~20%) was better than contemporary electric grid efficiency (now at ~35% … before you account for ~7% line loss) ..?

    Beware, consumer: that displaced polar is going to be hungry, regardless of how smug you are about your choice of transportation.