X Kills Y Over Z

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Fill in the X and Y. You’re looking at the Z.

Watch how a mostly unimportant news story gets converted to a 46k Likes Huffington Post atrocity.

Valentin Nunez, Dominican Republic Man, Kills Ex-Girlfriend Over Facebook Photo, Commits Suicide

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — Police say a man in the Dominican Republic killed his ex-girlfriend and committed suicide after seeing a picture of her with another man on Facebook.

Police spokesman Maximo Baez says 24-year-old Valentin Nunez asked 25-year-old Marleni Suero to meet him at a motel in the capital of Santo Domingo late Wednesday. Authorities said he then shot her in the neck and head.

Baez said Thursday that relatives told police Nunez had seen Suero in a photo with a man she had recently visited in jail.

He says the couple had been together for three years but broke up about a month ago because Nunez had apparently abused her physically.

Note the title says “Dominican Republic Man.” Is that what the Dominican police called him? Doubtful. And what does facebook have to do with it?

The guy saw a picture of his GF with a guy. This picture happened to be on Facebook, but the point is that his girl was cheating on him (or he felt like she was.) Guys kill cheating women all the time, especially abusive guys and especially women cheating with inmates. What made this news was Facebook; but what made it a useful cautionary tale is the Dominican angle. Dominican= contemptibly poor (as opposed to the OWS poor who deserve our support because it was Goldman Sachs’s fault.) You can be sure that when they arrested him he was a) in a white wife beater shirt; b) showing off some sweet tats.

Those kinds of people are supposed to be either illiterate or on Myspace, not on our 40-45 yo white mom sites. You mean that guy gets to see a picture of you and your daughter at the Hamptons?

Racism and elitism in a story about the perils of social media. If it wasn’t in the Huffington Post, it would have been in The Atlantic.

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3 Responses to X Kills Y Over Z

  1. MarcusB says:

    Honestly, I don’t see the racism aspect, could just be me.
    I think they’re reporting the story for the simple fact of: facebook is involved.
    So I agree with you there. So, offering a stereotype of my own, I didn’t know there WERE stereotypes of Dominican Republicans because I simply don’t know anything about them.

  2. sunshinefiasco says:

    Ehh, if there’s a stereotype that we’re playing on here (as in, this is why it’s a story), isn’t it: firey passionate/dramatic latin/afro-dominican/non-white man can’t handle his emotions/jealousy– those guys are more likely to kill people?

  3. operator says:

    You can be sure that when they arrested him he was a) in a white wife beater shirt; b) showing off some sweet tats.

    Whoa, slow down there TLP… the regular Walking Dead sorties appear to have dulled your appreciation for the meaning of “commits suicide” – dead men ride in the coroner’s backseat, not the cops’.