Time’s Breastfeeding Mom Has Interesting Ideas

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A reader sent me this (in reference to the post on Time’s breast feeding issue).

She’s pro-gay marriage, so I was wrong about that, but:

Okay, here is where I may lose everyone:

I think polygamy and polyandry should be legal. I have thought this for years, and people mistakenly assumed I was referring to underaged marriages to pedophiles. Thanks to the show Sister Wives people are less likely to lock me into an insane asylum when I suggest legalizing plural marriages….

It’s not for her, she just thinks it should be legal. Hmm. Deeply Christian, though admittedly non-judgmental and otherwise open to people, but you can read her manifesto here. Bonus: her husband looks like the Dothraki King. 

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2 Responses to Time’s Breastfeeding Mom Has Interesting Ideas

  1. Minerva says:

    So basically “live and let live.” Well, can’t disagree with that.

    Why does “I hate politics” often seems to mean “I love politics but I’m afraid to talk about it”?

  2. MarcusB says:

    After a minute or so of browsing her site, I found this statement. Not that it should meant anything significant and meaningful, I just found it ironic.

    “My goal for this blog is to write about our experiences with adoption, attachment parenting, travel, and any other unique lifestyle choice we may make.
    However, My most important goal is to inspire other women to have their own identity apart from their children. Clearly, from our family choices I do not mean spend less time with family. Rather, understanding that the most healthy observation for a child is to see is their parents’ embracing their romantic relationship with each other, as well as their their own self worth and individuality.”