Champagne Facials Are More Erotic Than Real Facials

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Nightclub photographer Kirill posts pics of women… see above.

Obviously, if it’s your daughter in a champagne vs. real facial,  you’re going to hope it’s 11% ABV not .5 BAL.  The point here isn’t which is “worse” but their erotic significance.

“They aren’t explicit.  It leaves something to the imagination.”  But what, exactly?  Her.  Her limits.  A semen facial is pornographic and tells you exactly what she will do, a champagne facial only reveals her possibilities– not that she will definitely do anything, but that you don’t know at all what she’d do.  The limit could be here, or it could be much further back.  The woman is objectified, yes– but as a secret to be discovered.

The moment there is nothing else left to desire, desire abandons you.  Desire needs limits to try and breach or else it turns to ennui.  So a man can hungrily have sex with the same woman for decades as long as he feels there is some aspect of her sexuality he can’t access, which is why imagination often turns to her past experiences.    “Tell me about that time–” is the same as “tell me how I can’t have all of you.”  Her past becomes a fetish.  What she was wearing, how she felt the moment her ex penetrated her, that time they were caught: what, exactly, happened?  You’ll never truly know. 

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7 Responses to Champagne Facials Are More Erotic Than Real Facials

  1. ThomasR says:

    This is one of the sadder truths about human nature.

    “Desire needs limits to try and breach or else it turns to ennui.”

    The flip side of this is that desire will always search for new limits.

  2. Eipa says:

    This must be the most positive post i’ve yet read written by Alone.

  3. Guy Fox says:

    The same dynamic seems to apply to all NSFW links. It’s never any fun clicking them at home, because you’re just kind of left thinking “Boobs and wangs on the internet. What will they think of next?”. Opening them at work is the only possible way to get any titillation out of them. Without the limit of the at-work taboo, there’s just no temptation.
    (Don’t worry, kids. I don’t view porn at work, and neither should you. I just spend much time sadly untitillated.)

  4. max says:

    Suzanne Vega said it best:

    she’s a pornographer’s dream, he said.
    I knew what he meant.
    but it made me imagine: what kind of a dream
    he would have, that hadn’t been spent?

    would he still dream of the thigh? of the flesh upon high?
    what he saw so much of?
    wouldn’t he dream of the thing that he never
    could quite get the touch of?

    it’s out of his hands, over his head
    out of his reach, under this real life
    hidden in veils, covered in silk
    he’s dreaming of what might be

    out of his hands, over his head
    out of his reach, under this real life
    hidden in veils,
    he’s dreaming of mystery.

  5. John R says:

    Being & Time. Possibility, trajectory, narrative: tomorrow.

  6. DGS says:

    So, a little question then. I am one of those that needs desire and passion – i.e needy.

    Me pushing for sexual acts, that’s ok.

    But me pushing for anal time to time – with her consent, with her sometimes hinting at it…

    is this something that’s best kept LOCKED. As in I know it’s there and I’ll enjoy the other toys and eventually, may be, I’ll get to the one that’s the ‘new exciting’ thing.

    Does it make sense to do this?

  7. kiddink says:

    Can a husband hungrily have sex with his wife without turning to her past experiences– that is, knowing he’s accessed all of her sexuality(virgins that marry and have sex)?

    So some people that fantasize about their spouses past experiences are maintaining their desire? Are they doing this because if they didn’t fantasize they’d lose their desire?