5+1 Sentences On The Walking Dead s3e1 Seed

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we get it



I only get 5 sentences, so better make them count:  according to this show, post apocalypse, when things devolve into a hunter/gatherer society, the men naturally become hunters and the women… at some point wish they were dead.  I guess gathering must really suck, or else the women don’t have much faith in their hunters.  This is set in America, right?

“The truly insane people are the ones outside the asylum”, or “the true bad guys are the ones filling the prisons”; those are standard storybook tropes, so I don’t need to have sneak peeked the previews to know where this is going:  the real enemies are going to be the ones who got us into this mess in the first place, those who want to replicate the white capitalist society that let the drive to consume overtake our humanity and destroy the social contract– this is set in America, right?

Ok, it looks interesting, anyway, and I’m all in, unfortunately I know a truism about TV and it doesn’t bode well for the show:  if you put a sword into a character’s hand, ever, for any reason, you lose females 35-55, and if you lose them… well, let’s hope I’m wrong.



And yet still they do not call them zombies.



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6 Responses to 5+1 Sentences On The Walking Dead s3e1 Seed

  1. qubitman says:

    Now that I’m done taking everything you say as gospel, I gotta ask.

    What makes you so sure a sword in the hand loses the 35-55 female demo? Why does it lose them? Also, why does that matter?

    • Red says:

      Great questions, especially the last one.

      Now, take what i’m about to say with grain of salt, on account of the fact that i haven’t seen the show, but I’ve come to the conclusion that some things TLP says are either A) so far above my level of intelligence that i have no hope of understanding them anytime soon, or B) that the obscurantist style of his prose often hints towards a depth that does not actually exist.

      In this case, i lean toward the latter. But i haven’t seen the show.

      • JohnJ says:

        Maybe he wants you to think there’s a depth of intelligence that does not exist. Ever thought about that? He’s so smart that he’s intentionally obscuring how smart he is.

        That, or he really is like The Sphinx from Mystery Men.

    • kiddink says:

      “Now that I’m done taking everything you say as gospel, I’m going to ask some questions so I can take the answers to those as gospel”

  2. bitch says:

    yo, why not just extend the amount of sentences you’re supposed to use? you’re totally using semi-colons, dashes, and ellipses (annoyingly) in place of them. CHEATER

  3. sunny day says:

    Late to this party, but are there SWORDS in this now? Jesus Christ, why do they need swords?

    I’m pretty sure that there’s a big market for stuff with swords in (hur hur), big enough that you could lose the female 35-55 market and still keep going. At least for a cable show like Walking Dead. Game of Thrones has a lot of dudes wandering around with melee weapons and that’s still going strong.

    But still, swords? They ran out of ammo that quickly?