Charles Ramsey, American Hero

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not Charles Ramsey

is this joke racist just because he’s black?



“You do what you have to do,” Charles Ramsey said as he described saving the three girls.  We should be more specific: he heard a girl scream… and checked.  And when the girl said, “I’ve been trapped in here, he won’t let me out!” he– you should sit down for this– helped her.

Only in America can you be labeled a hero for doing the most basic human action, helping someone in need.  Only in America can doing what you should be bludgeoned for not doing be considered heroism.  One might wonder if labeling him a hero sets the bar for heroism a little low; or, said a more important way, if it sets the bar for non-heroic, commonplace behavior WAY low, underground low.  “I heard screams, but, you know, The Good Wife was on.”  I’m with you, it’s best not to get involved, that’s what Facebook’s for.  #OWS

Of course— only in America will a hero rush to the nearest TV reporter to proudly explain that the most basic human action that he performed….. shouldn’t be considered heroism.  “You just do what you have to do!” An inspiration to others.

And only in America will no one think this rush to TV humility is at all odd or classless.  (“Did you just say classless on the internet!?”)

But two days later, he was outed as a convicted wife beater.  Which is completely irrelevant to the basic human action that he performed, but of course…. only in America does the media run background checks on our heroes, lest our comparative self-esteem suffer, God forbid hypocrisy should go undetected.  “Turns out he was a wife beater!”  What a relief!  Good thing you never sent him the donation you impulsively told your friends you’d send him.

I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway!


“He opened a space for honest dialogue on race.”  Let’s not go crazy here, a pretty white girl will run to into the arms of Freddy Krueger if she just escaped from a decade long shoot of Hostel 3.   No, what no one is willing to say is how great– how weird– how unexpected– is it that when a pretty white girl ran into the arms of a poor black man, he didn’t eat her!  (“Seriously?  Not at all??”  That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you: he’s a hero.)  We have different standards for heroism based on race/class/gender, but then again, we pay them all differently.

The truth is, what he did isn’t nearly as important to us as how he did it: funnily, on TV.  That’s why he’s a true American Hero, not for what he did for the victim, but for what he did for us.   If you don’t believe me, ask Angel Cordero.



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15 Responses to Charles Ramsey, American Hero

  1. NAAC3PO says:

    Worth asking: who in America is a hero by traditional standards? Who in America would King Arthur be willing to knight?

    • Guy Fox says:

      You do realize that the indicator you proposed to identify the substance of heroism is an endorsement deal, right? By that logic, I think the answer to your question would be Tiger Woods.

      • NAAC3PO says:

        If you had a better selection metric, you’d have given it. There are issues with all of them; no authority on heroism exists. So if I’m picking between authorities, I’m picking the guy who stands to benefit/suffer based on his choices. Everyone else is prone to grade inflation.

        • Guy Fox says:

          In a meaningless world where believing in something indicates eccentricity or, in many cases, insanity, the hero is the Guy who has the gumption/chutzpah/balls to believe in something and doesn’t require the sanction of the prevailing authorities.

          If that something is good or at least makes him do good things, you gotta double the score. If he’s willing to suffer for it, triple it.

      • NAAC3PO says:

        (That’s how you end up with 10,000 saints.)

  2. dwysard says:

    Did he really rush to the nearest TV reporter?! I watched his interview on youtube, so I couldn’t tell, as the video begins with the interview and not with his aproach to the reporter.

  3. wisegirl says:

    Once in my neighborhood bar, where everyone knows everyone, a guy walked up to the ATM and found $20 that someone had left behind. He proceeded to ask around as to who the owner of the $20 might be. He asked the bartender who the last person was who to use the ATM and was successful in finding the owner. Everyone made a big deal as to how great a guy he was and how honest he was, the bartender gave him free drink. when it occured to me that he was simply doing the right thing.

  4. temp says:

    Scroll down at the comments. Lui and 400 other people think that the operator should be fired for “ruining the story”.

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  6. markus123 says:

    I registered just to applaud the decision to use an image from The Machinist (2004) on this site. One of my top 10 favorite movies.

    Oh, and Charles Ramsey is a baller’s baller.

  7. qubitman says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of this. Why are you tuning into the things that get you on a wavelength that drives you to write the stuff you write. By your own metrics it does not seem healthy.

  8. TableFace says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the above image isn’t Charles Ramsey, but Katt Williams?

    Why Katt?

  9. Tom P says:

    > only in America does the media run background checks on our heroes, lest our comparative self-esteem suffer,

    This has been my only reasonable explanation for the out-of-proportion, irrational hatred of Tim Tebow. The background checks have only revealed him to be a decent guy who loves God…. which makes him worthy of contempt and scorn….. I guess.