Game Of Thrones: “Are my boobs still in the shot?” Part IV

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part 3 here

pastabagel uses the internet.  This is less about GoT than about authenticity, and if you like GoT (as I do) don’t take this as a personal offense, look at it as a series of insights yoiu aren’t going to get anywhere else.

Also, note that these aren’t edited posts, these are copy/paste of his emails to me, all I’ve done is fix the typos, nothing else.



This is a song in the books that this woman sang and recorded.  What I like about this is (a) it mentions bathing, which confirms its from GoT, and (b) all the professional grade equipment she needs to record a song she didn’t write on top of music she didn’t compose.

Number one with a bullet, here’s Karliene with “Are my boobs still in the shot?”

I’m sending you this song in particular because Martin said he liked it on his facebook page.

There are a few things going on here that bear highlighting.

First the video suffers from something I call “semiotic collision.”  This happens a lot on purpose in Youtube videos, but almost never on purpose in professional or studio video, TV, or film productions. Semiotic collision is where the major symbolic component of on part of the audiovisual presentation not just contrasts, but conflicts with with the symbolic component of another part.

Here, she’s singing a song set in the Middle Ages set to music that sounds very generically traditionally Celtic.  The symbolism there is obvious: Celtic, feudal, traditional, etc.  But her appearance, the attire she deliberately selected for the video, and the framing of the shots is very much the opposite.  The off-the-shoulder sweater that appears in nearly every one of her photos, the ultra short denim skirt, tight tank top with the bra strap showing, and gyrating movements are all symbolic of overtly sexual pop music, as if she was covering Kesha or Nikki Minaj.  This is what happens when hacks don’t have management.

An example of this music being recorded in the studio correctly is Enya:

Although she’s wearing modern clothes, the tone of the video is consistent with the tone set my the music, so that when we later see Enya’s album covers, or see in her in a produced music video or in concert, the traditional Celtic attire she will wear will appear less like a costume and more like an authentic historical presentation.  It probably isn’t, but that’s what it will appear to be, and its managing this consistency across all media that allows someone in a niche genre like Enya is to break through to massive popularity.

With Karliene, her intentional collision of traditional music with sexy pop style communicates that what is really important to her is not the music or the period but that she get attention, and that this choice of music is simply a vehicle to grab attention.  If this were 4 years ago, she’d be recording songs about Twilight and vampires.  A few years before that, and it would be Harry Potter, she and her bare shoulder will be wherever the audience is.  There’s nothing wrong with this, I suppose, a lot of people are doing this and she seems to have garnered a following.  But these things I point out are cues that what she is producing is content, not art.

The second thing to notice is how overboard she went on the equipment.  Sennheiser headphones, giant microphone, a mic screen (really?), pro studio recording software, etc. There are a lot of amateur musicians on Youtube, but only the singers go out of their way to show you the equipment they use.  The guitarists, pianists, and violinists use whatever instruments they have an no one cares.  But for singers, showing the mics and the headphones clearly in the frame is an essential element of the amateur video.

They do this so you know that the person who made the video is a singer, i.e. that’s their primary identity.   It signals they are serious about it, it’s not a hobby.  You can see a lot of this if you just search youtube for “(cover) female” and look at videos with view counts under one million (to filter out professionals signed to labels). 

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44 Responses to Game Of Thrones: “Are my boobs still in the shot?” Part IV

  1. qubitman says:

    What is so important about the fact that girls are doing this activity? Why are you focusing on them?

  2. abf0400 says:

    I liked the whole Game Of Thrones series of posts. I’m still going to watch it though:

    1. The genre is literally called “Fantasy”. Lumped together with sex dreams and managing sports teams — in terms of expectations of realism or relevance this would be the bottom of the barrel.

    2. I’m not aware of any other show with a similar proportion of eunuchs, or anywhere close to the same number of cocks getting chopped off.

    3. How I think it will end: everyone dies and the world freezes.

    4. Of course the “fans” are obnoxious, anyone who can be identified as a fan of anything other than hard liquor is obnoxious.

  3. Homestuckergrl says:

    I find it rather abhorrent that this person is slutshaming a woman for her chosen attire that, for all he knows, was selected because of the weather and humidity of her environment more than for the “sexiness” of the video. It is blatant sexism regarding her clothing style, and seriously… this girl is an “amateur singer” as he says. WHY does this idiot think she can just manage to scrounge up thousands of dollars to buy a Renaissance outfit? I myself have attended Ren faires, and I have seen the bill that comes with buying such elaborate costumes. Even if worn for just one or two days out of the year. It is astronomical. Enya is capable of affording this because of her professional singer status and the royalties she makes off of millions of sold records. Let us also not forget the number of professional music videos Enya has recorded with MODERN clothing on. Clothing does not reflect one’s passion for the music they write. And Karliene has a huge following BECAUSE of her music, not because he is “gyrating in a tight tank top”. This pastabagel is a brainless bastard who attempts to use big words in an even bigger attempt to fool those who manage to read his bullshit and make them think he actually has two braincells to rub together. His opinions regarding Game of Thrones do not bother me, as I consider the source and I frankly couldn’t care less what a brainless twat has to say about it considering he isn’t a professional writer much less qualified to make an accurate analysis. What infuriates me is the blatant sexism and racist/ethnocentric undertones he attaches to the bullshit he spews and then pushes on others as if it were fact. No, this is bullshit. What this fraudulent ignoramus does not understand is the difference between opinion and fact. He is judging this woman based on what he notices as a man, and what makes his pathetically insignificant dick throb. He paid no attention to the music, and instead watched the bouncing of Karliene’s breasts in clothing meant to keep a girl comfortable in the midst of extreme summer heat, whilst she swayed and moved to the rhythm of her music. Something that all artists, professional or otherwise, do. And instead of rating her music or critiquing it, he brought on the sexism. Using her choice in comfortable attire to discredit her as an artist.
    In short, this buffoon talks big. But I’m willing to bet it is to make up for much SMALLER things. Good day to you.

    • Or says:

      It looks like she managed to scrounge up enough money for a home studio with three cameras.

      • Homestuckergrl says:

        Which may or may not have been gifts given to her from family because of her voice over the years. Now she has to get clothing to match her genre of choice because some halfwit claiming to be a proper amateur artist critic says clothing matters and not the sound of the music? I call bullshit on those shenanigans.

    • hurtleyduffield says:

      I wonder why it hasn’t been pointed out yet, but — no one is talking about a Ren costume (whatever that is).

      The key sentence is this one: “Although she’s wearing modern clothes, the tone of the video is consistent with the tone set my the music”. Enya is wearing modern clothes even in the embedded video. It’s not about how modern the clothing is. It’s about the pop-ness, the inadequacy of this of the girl in question.

      And yeah, I know it’s an old post. So shoot me.

  4. Keyoke says:

    I’ll say their are something in this video that are ‘suggestive’. Her attire isn’t at all provocative. Looks rather normal to me. Sure, she at times might seem to be striking a suggestive pose, but, to me, I don’t care. As I type this, I’m enjoying the song while not seeing the video.

    The points about the equipment, who cares.

    I find the author of this post seems to be distracted by the visuals of the video, and doesn’t seem to actually listen to the music. I like it, but, I’m not a critic of music. Apparently this author isn’t either.

    Perhaps focus on the music.


  5. karil says:

    Hey look, I finally found an Internet blog that’s both pointless and completely uninteresting, and also manages to be nothing but an egotistical and hateful piece of crap on the side.

    Hats off to the moron who wrote it, who knew you could fit so much stupid on a web page.

  6. Karliene says:

    Why do you hate me?
    I would like to point out that I am a musician, this is my career, so the expensive equipment is actually something I use daily to write, COMPOSE and create my music ( notice how I emphasize the compose part in reference to the first part of your article ) and has not been purchased simply for show for my videos. The majority of my music videos are made up of art or movie clips to accompany my songs so why would I buy all this equipment for three or four videos?

    I would also like to point out that I have been a fanatic about medieval/ fantasy stories, books and films since I was a little girl and I watched the incredibly beautiful, gothic Disney movie ‘Sleeping Beauty” a million times. My dad also lent me his copy of The Hobbit and LOTR to read when I started getting into novels, along with the Narnia books. I’m also a keen artist and used to stay up late into the night drawing pictures of Arthurian women, taking inspiration from the many Renaissance prints I had hanging in my room like “The Lady of Shallot” and “Ophelia” . All i’m saying is, this is who I am and it’s not some fad i’ve climbed on to get attention. If no one watched or listened to my work because the fad was still sparkly vampires in “Twilight” ( which i despise by the way ) then sure, I probably wouldn’t be as popular. I’ve spent my whole life being a geeky, un-cool kid who preferred staying in watching Willow or Braveheart on loop instead of going out to a house parties with my mates. It’s just now, all that kind of stuff is cool. The release of the LOTR movies seemed to be the kick start of it all, suddenly it was kinda “In” to be a geek and have all the posters and merchandise and the extended edition dvd’s and all the other collector stuff. Yes I love getting obsessions and it does feed something in me, but why is that bad?
    I resent that you are basically calling me a fake! I’ve gone through a lot because of who i am and the kind of things i’m into. Yes, I was bullied, yes, I struggled to find people who liked the same things as me so I stood out like a sore thumb and it hurt to be alone. I’ve worked hard to get where I am today and i’m proud of all I have created, especially since i can look back at all those bullies and show them that my weirdness has paid off.
    I think what you have written is incredibly mean and very, very wrong. The amount of assumptions you have made where you haven’t bothered to read about my work and what I do. How would you like it if someone wrote something like this about you? Criticizing everything from your dress sense to your body ( which I find really repulsive) to the work you do and the things your passionate about. You seem to want to hollow me out into nothing.

    Anyway, anyway, anyway, if you want to hate me for what ever reason, my dress sense, my breasts, my musical equipment and my taste in books and movies then by all means, go ahead. How ever, if you are feeling bad then why not take this article down or ammend it or something and come and apologize to me and we’ll forget about it. I don’t want to put my email address on this public forum so come to my facebook page and send me a pm, KarlieneMusic

    Why not get to know me before you publicly bash me?

    ball is in your court.

    • Napsterbater says:

      Apologies Karliene. The person who wrote this no longer posts to this blog, this was posted by a friend of his, likely not intended to be public. So your response probably won’t reach him.

      Unfortunately those who study psychology and philosophy nurture the exact same insecurities as the rest of us. But rather than channel them into creative pursuits, more often than not they spend all their energy on finding the most hateful way to say whatever’s on their mind.

    • qubitman says:

      1. You are getting free attention from people who would have never heard of you otherwise, so you should thank him on that one.

      2. I don’t need to read any further than “Why do you hate me” to know you don’t understand this kind of person, or the nature of the thinking patterns the internet cultivates. My first guess is you want to make him feel bad about himself. My second guess is you’re a troll pretending to be the creator of the video.

      3. He’s right. Look at how you reacted. Nobody who is confident and busy with their professional work has time to make comments like this, there’s too many of them and you can’t win against any of them. Also, due to this being the internet no reasonable person is going to believe you’re actually who you say you are without proof.

      4. You don’t matter to him or any of us. He’s using your conduct as an example. If you checked the link at the bottom of the article you would see a lot of young attractive girls have it set up in the same way. I’ve come across my fair share of shirtless dudes playing stringed instruments on youtube while trying to find music lessons, so it’s not like attention-seeking of this sort is uncommon, or unhealthy.

      5. Assuming you are actually who you say you are, which we have no proof of either way(mind you that’s not a challenge to your authenticity, it is merely a statement of fact) you need to get over the fact that haters will be haters. They will never cease to be shameless assholes, and you will have literally nothing to show for it after you finish yelling at them.

      TL;DR You’re embarrassing yourself. Yelling at me will only make it worse. Also nobody thinks you’re actually who you say you are. I wrote this for my own self-indulgence, just like pastabagel.

      • Homestuckergrl says:

        Could you be any more of an ass? Yes, the internet is full of assholes who act and speak self-righteously just like you. But like the other half of the internet there are people like me who come along and tell you self-righteous pricks “watch that first step coming off that high horse. Tuck and roll, bitch!”

        Oh, and I can verify that this is Karliene. I don’t care if you believe me, but I’m going to say right now thats the real Karliene. And so what if she has an hour or two in her day to comment? She is an amateur artist, not a pro with photo shoots and record deals. Get over yourself. Sheesh.

      • Karliene says:

        Well this is me, I don’t know how to prove to you that it is me other than if you write to me on my you tube page in a pm, or my facebook fan page, with the word “mean” I will reply, “Oh it’s the nasty guy from the nasty article”. which only I will be able to do since it’s my channel and my page.
        The only reason I read this horrible, lying piece of writing is because someone was trying to link it onto my website which I trashed for obvious reasons. How else would i find this? I don’t sit around surfing the net, trying to find people who have written about me. Plus, why would i pretend to be someone i’m not? Not everyone in the world is a lying, nasty piece of work.

        I thought my response was quite polite and quite kind considering what has been written. I simply had to correct the lies that have been published about me. I compose everything I make, I do work as a musician, and no, you’re right, I don’t really have time to reply to all of this but how could I not? It’s left me feeling completely shaken up and upset. It’s a horrible thing to do to someone.

        I don’t care if i’m being used as an “example” the comments about my breasts, lack of talent, fake showiness was pretty personal so how could i not take it that way?

        I may not have anything to show for this argument, but at least i will know I said my piece. I’m not going to lie down and take it.

    • VivaNulla says:

      Out of curiousity, have you read any Chaucer? And since you mentioned the Arthurian legend, how about Sir Gawain and the Green Knight? Chaucer’s lots of fun, and though I haven’t read Sir Gawain, I hear it is too.

      While (I think) I understand what your saying, I have to disagree with you on an important issue. This wasn’t written to call you out and insult you; it was originally written to correct what PastaBagel (the man who wrote that and the original author of this blog) perceived as an error in Alone’s (the man who posted this) thinking. Alone posted this (and the previous three articles; which you should read if you haven’t) because he believed the general points PastaBagel was making are quite useful to the rest of us. Whether what this article said said was right or wrong, this wasn’t meant to be mean; I’m sure if you, Alone, and even PastaBagel met in real life you’d get along quite well.

      Do you want to know what Alone and PastaBagel are fighting against? People unknowingly seeing themselves as the main character in a novel. This isn’t thinking everyone likes you, or everyone respects you, or that you’re the best; it’s thinking that everyone you see is thinking *something* about you, good or bad. No one conciously does this, but without knowing it our entire psyche has been infected with this behavior. (Or at least mine has.)

      Want to know something? This is impossible to not do. It’s a necessary byproduct of thought. However, we can and should try to fight it. Narcissism (the term that comes closest to describing this ideology) makes it impossible to achieve those simple, hazy, unexplainable, seemingly perfect things that as human beings we can’t help needing. (Your interest for medievalness might be an example of this. The need to love someone else is another.)

      Alone and PastaBagel struggle with narcissism as much as you or I do. I believe they write these sort of articles to 1) cure themselves of it, and 2) help others cure themselves of it. You were called out because it had the potential of making many people (i.e. Alone’s primary audience) think about things they’ve never thought of before. Wrong or right, please at least recognize that.

      The point is, I’m fucked up, you’re fucked, Alone’s fucked up, and PastaBagel’s fucked up; but we’re all trying to fix this. While I don’t agree 100% with Qubitman, I highly suggest reading the article s/he linked to. I also think if you’re anything like me, you might find Confucianism extremely interesting and helpful. He’s many times smarter than most of us. And though he’s somewhat unrelated, again, Chaucer! The Miller’s Tale is very short and hilarious; if you’re interested in him I suggest starting there.

      Anyways, I hope I could be helpful in some way. I do like your music. You sing much better than me and are much prettier than I am! I just don’t want you to be turned off from Alone because of this; he can be very cruel at times, but he’s also quite wise.

      • VivaNulla says:

        Oh, and I made a typo that might make me seem a bit meaner than I intended. I would rather not point it out explicitly; it’s more fun if I speak vaguely about it and you guess for yourself! It’s in a list where I mistakenly gave you a special designation through the absence of a word; hopefully you won’t even notice it! (Is there a way to edit comments, or am I just blind?)

  7. Napsterbater says:

    Having at one point dabbled with the pretension of trying to sing, I can understand the obsession with equipment. Record your voice sometime and marvel at how much different the recording sounds than what you hear in your head when you try singing. It’s jarring and ego-crushing if you want to sing. It’s got little to do with your voice and everything to do with the physics of sound and the nature of the human voice. There’s way too many subtleties to speech and singing for a mechanical device to possibly capture.

  8. Face Bringer says:

    I enjoy and admire pastabagel’s dissection of the fantasy genre but it won’t sway people who admire the quality acting, ambiance and production values of GoT. Very funny though.

    • hurtleyduffield says:

      There is no such a thing as “quality acting” in most TV series made in the USA. There’s a lot of beatufiul people there, however.

  9. Doop says:

    This article is a bloody joke. You completely ignore the point of the post, the music, and focus on the fact that she’s a girl. Which seems to you to make her automatically wrong in your mind.

    She’ll be where the audience is? A pretty strong claim but easily thrown aside like the garbage that is your opinion by simply having a pulse. Go to her Youtube channel and look at her posts for the past 3 years. They all are from the same genre. No sparkly gaylords there.

    Truth is she is a signer who is passionate about her art and she has fans for it, I guess you know this. I’m also guessing that this dead website is simply attacking and hating like a forgotten teenager in order to get attention.

    Most Game of Throne fans have heard of Karliene by now, and who the hell are you? The closest thing to ‘about the author’ I could find was “WHERE DID YOU GO? I flatter myself by thinking you are asking this question. I am writing a book of and about porn.” Which about sums it up.

  10. Sumanguru says:

    Good analysis. Thanks for posting, TLP.

  11. RK says:

    First off, let me start off by saying: there’s nothing wrong with Karliene. The problem is with the fans.
    I can understand how pastabagel’s email comes across as hateful. To be fair, he’s focused way too much on symbolism and appearance of Karliene.
    But what’s useful to learn is the reaction in some of the comments here (okay, specifically Homestuckergrl). Hasn’t Alone always maintained – “If you’re reading/watching this, it’s for you”?
    Maybe you may not agree with my interpretation, but the most useful import from this article is – what does it mean to you?
    Karliene has a good voice and she’s pretty. And she has a fairly good chance at becoming a successful singer – why not? She’s taken the first step in actually singing. We live in a psychotic world where most people believe they’d become celebrities while devoting a sizable amount of their day masturbating.
    The post is meaningful for the 3,000-odd fans that follow her – and, like Homestuckergrl, seem to defend her to the point of posting comments seething with fury. For the fans, GoT, like other fantasy epics, is masturbation – you create your identity just because you like the show. All Karliene is doing is tapping in that group of people, i.e. you.
    In all the four posts, pastabagel’s language has been a tad bit misguiding, but there is a brilliant insight hidden there – how much have we deluded ourselves because of a mere fantasy show? “But the comments are sexist, I had to say something”. Darling, if you cared so much about sexism, there are several victims of gender-based violence scattered across the world who would absolutely love it if you showed the same enthusiasm for the sexism they face in their own lives.
    To sum up: this post means nothing to Karliene. She has a fan following and she seems to be releasing an album soon. This post simply doesn’t affect her, and shouldn’t, if her aim is to become a singer. Kudos, carry on with your chosen career path.
    But Homestuckergrl (and others) – if your identity is so wrapped up in the world of GoT that you can’t even tolerate fair speech against a celebrity, you have a very real, scary problem.

  12. inarticulateinthecity says:

    Really? Really? What an ass move. I’m appalled.

    TLP, either you stop thinking this guy has great insights or you stop publishing his PRIVATE e-mails to you here.

    This was an ass move.

  13. TheCoconutChef says:

    With Karliene, her intentional collision of traditional music with sexy pop style communicates that what is really important to her is not the music or the period but that she get attention, and that this choice of music is simply a vehicle to grab attention.

    This is unclear to me. I guess I feel it but I don’t see it.

    It means…what? That the entire content of the video wasn’t organized as to be a support for what was in the song, that other elements were put in there to emphasize the singer instead of what should otherwise have been the focus of the video, ie. the song?

    I guess the question is whether that video was designed to grab attention to benefit the content (the song) which, in Pastabagel’s eyes, would have made it art, instead of being something that is used in order to divert the attention which was nominally mobilized toward the song to the singer herself, which is kind of a bait and switch.

    In short, semiotic collision has to be the result of conflicting interests. In this case, the interests of nominally making this video about a certain song, and on the other of diverting the attention toward the singer, of making her stand out against the backdrop that is set in the piece, so that she’s not lost into it.

    Indeed, you’ll often see musician play something on youtube, a cover or their own composition, and they basically cut their head in the shot so that we can see their hands the whole time, which says “I’m not as important as what’s going on down here”.

    I do believe I’ve answered my own questions.

  14. rikasa says:

    I sure am glad I decided to wade into the comments section today!

    Seemingly this is about a certain genre of human and less about the individual girl. Sure, okay, she’s a real “girl gamer” instead of a “gamer girl” (thank god someone made her prove it!) and wants to be known for both being talented and being pretty (not necessarily in that order).

    Big deal? Does this guy want you to post these emails? This one in particular doesn’t seem to add much value to the entirety of human insight.

    How much longer until the pr0n book is out?

  15. rikasa says:

    But also, how interesting that Homestuckgrl’s reaction was to lead Ms. Karliene to this page and let her see it and react to it. The motivations there seem interesting. Does it make you a better friend for subjecting her to this criticism, as long as you write an essay about how wrong it is? Were they close before this happened, or has this incident elevated her to a status slightly higher than just another fan posting just another comment?

    They may be legitimate friends, who knows. Either way I am sure their relationship has been strengthened by this terrible ordeal.

  16. Bonechimes says:

    Alone, I just made this account to say this: please let this be the last one.

    These little insights into your friend’s latent schizophrenia have been somewhat morbidly fascinating but as far as substantive sources of literary/cultural criticism go I would have been better served going to 4chan.

  17. Oneironaut says:

    The abyss that is the GoT fandom spews forth in this post.

    “Here, she’s singing a song set in the Middle Ages set to music that sounds very generically traditionally Celtic. The symbolism there is obvious: Celtic, feudal, traditional, etc. But her appearance, the attire she deliberately selected for the video, and the framing of the shots is very much the opposite.”

    This is the point of his argument right here, he isn’t doing this to “slutshame” your heroine, he’s doing this to point out the dissonance between “celtic themed song” and “urban/modern dress,” as well as tyng it to the “perceived authenticity,” v. “actual authenticity” that this series of posts seems to be centered on. The first pertains to the one dimensional characters, the meaninglessness of the family slogans, and the fact that people will choose a fantasy background to a bland or unknown background. Somehow this combo has baited you guys into hurling strawmen and accusations.

    Go back and actually read the first few of these before putting your feet in your mouths next time.

    • Bonechimes says:

      The sort of person who would go to such lengths to rant about a ‘dissonance between “celtic themed song” and “urban/modern dress”’ is precisely the sort of person who invests far too much of themselves into “authenticity”. I’m legitimately confused by where the anger is coming from: are you really expecting the singers in every Youtube video to dress up in full on Rene fair gear… so as not to break your immersion? Out of tradition? To channel the spiritual authenticity of the historical Celts? Are you and pasta willing to pay for it, since it irritates you two so much?

      All this focus on the trappings of authenticity – have either one of you even commented on the music itself?

      I see 2 walls of text lamenting that what you perceive as a lack of authenticity in someone is evidence that they themselves have a misplaced preoccupation with authenticity, and I see 2 men affecting a distance from “all this” while participating 100% in it.

      The radio said “No, John. You are the narcissist”
      And then John was a narcissist.

      • OG Poison says:

        But that’s no mystery, the whole series of blogs and TheLastPsychiatrist are all about the ubiquity of narcissism in people, some specifically, but in general as well. Given the chance, the same sort of criticism can be leveled at anyone, because no one, not Alone nor pastabagel are immune to the force that these blogs scrutinize. If the bloggers are anonymous, as they are here, it helps their case slightly as they can’t really take credit for their work, and the text is there to speak for itself.

        “It doesn’t matter who I am, pay attention to the words,” is a phrase that comes up often on here and TLP. If you examine anyone through the presumption of narcissism, narcissism is there. It is authenticity vs. the image of authenticity, ceci n’est pas un pipe, right? It’s taking a highlighter to the sorts of behaviors that may lead people to presume that the singer is a fake, that it is not for the furtharance of an art or a craft, but to gratify an ego first and foremost (see: diehard nerds complaining about hot girls cosplaying as whatever in their fandoms being ‘attention seeking whores’ ie. inauthentic or insincere, whether or not those girls are). We all would like to avoid being on either the receiving end of that, or becoming .

        The whole notion of the blogs is to find new and stranger places where narcissism is present. But also, this whole work could be the gratification of someone’s ego the entire time too. This isn’t a pipe either. This is also an image presented by a man who is the same as anyone, prone to the same errors as everyone else, prone to narcissism just like any other. But who else is going to delve into a subject other than a man? We can’t judge pastabagel for anything other than his words because we don’t know anything other than his words, but as we all know from living on this earth, words do not equal actions, and actions are the only aspect of a human being truly worth judging. It’s easy to jump and say “this is sexist,” etc. like Homestuckegrl, but those words are placeholders for little other than “this threatens/questions the authenticity and integrity my identity” (as a woman, as a singer, as a fan of Game of Thrones). Most identities are illusions, it is your focus on your identity that allows you to strip away all a person is to a set of essentially valueless adjectives which give you the impression that you know who they are by attaching an identity to them, judging it as in conflict with your own (integrity of a woman threatened by sexism, integrity as an internationalist communist by racist fascism), missing the entire point that this is a bad thing to do. That even IF you think that the argument is baseless, it is ultimately reductivist and dismissive to attach an archetype that you’ve invented based on abstractions to an individual without examining who they are and who they think they are. The larger point (Game of Thrones and its effects on the identities of its fans in the context of western society) is lost in this case to the egos of Homestuckegrl and the girl in the video. It is not necessarily about her, the person, Karliene, but rather what her work implicitly suggests about her, it is not the actual Karliene that’s in judgement, but the image of Karliene as she presents it. Rather than a critique of the content, it is critique of the form in which it is presented. The literal judgement of a book by its cover, an attempt to guess at the contents therein based on an initial assumption of inauthenticity. Which is everywhere, the whole of existence, seen through human eyes, is simulacra of the truth, which cannot wholly be seen by anyone. Taking that as a given, the basic presumption of inauthenticity follows. Whether or not it leads to a greater understanding of the truth is questionable, but worthy of our consideration.

        • OG Poison says:

          The lesson I usually draw from these blogs is, in fact, about detachment, both you from your identity, and others from the identities that they present, especially what amounts to a cosmetic identity (allegience to a “fandom” like Game of Thrones) which is valueless, and attempt to derive your own identity and those of others based on constructive actions (see: Marc Maron’s Mid-Life Crisis:, based on devotion to either a worthy principle (a craft, actively helping those in need) or a family, rather than something that is essentially purely done for the sake of self-gratification or the recognition of others. Posting a video of yourself singing, prominently featured, not even attempting to dissolve into the background and allow the work (song) to speak for itself, but rather attaching -yourself- to a work you’re not even entirely responsible for (lyrics courtesy of George RR Martin).

          Of couse, the nature of the singing business is having to attach yourself to your work as a matter of marketing. But also the nature of the singing business is harsh, harsh criticism that presumes you to be a fake. C’est la vie.

          • Bonechimes says:

            You keep making these presumptions about intentions re: authenticity, recognition, identity, etc.

            How do you know what her intentions are? Is it only because she didn’t wear a silly costume?

            If she did wear a silly costume, would you have bothered to say anything at all? Or would you have found a way to equate wearing the silly costume with narcissism?

            How do you know these things, and if you don’t know, isn’t all of these WORDS just public masturbation?

  18. Oneironaut says:

    I’m irritated at the straw-manning, not the fact that she’s wearing clothing that clashes with anything pertaining to the “ren-faire” aesthetic. There was a decent disclaimer at the beginning of these stating that TLP does not support these statements, but to take some insight from it, which I see no one has even attempted; it’s just impotent fury in response to someone being critical.
    That said, I have nothing against Karliene or what she’s doing, and I don’t see anywhere in my post where I suggest that I am taking a “side” here.

    “All this focus on the trappings of authenticity – have either one of you even commented on the music itself?”

    Strawman. What would anyones opinion of the music actually add to this conversation?

    • Bonechimes says:

      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

      Sorry, just because someone is being critical for the sake of being different does not automatically mean that the rest of us have any obligation to “take insight” from it. We are under no obligation of validate your contrarian identity, no matter how verbose you may be about it.

      Also, “fury” is not defined as “someone who disagrees with you”. Try not to misuse that word either, as doing so also tends to devalue whatever point you may or may not be trying to make.

  19. JohnJ says:

    I discussed the question of whether art is becoming increasingly ethnocentric with a smart friend of mine (I find I learn more by surrounding myself with people smarter than I am. Fortunately, there’s no short supply.). She rejected the thesis and attributed the complaining to “myopia and confirmation bias”. I asked if she meant that it was like an old man complaining about “kids these days with their music and their dancing”. She said, “Yes… I used to read Psychology Today, until I realized I was getting angrier and more depressed. Seems we humans don’t do anything right according to all the articles and blogs on these subjects. I think pop psychology is more deleterious than enlightening, so that’s probably my confirmation bias at work.”

    She’s not quite as verbose as Pastabagel, but she’s a looker.

    • dovahkiin says:

      I think music and other artforms are becoming much more niche based, certainly. ethnicity is only one factor in that. The entire entertainment industry (even toys to some degree) does that as a way to get more money. If you can sell Justin Bieber to the under 20 white girls, Lil’ Wayne to 16-25 year old black males, and Justin Timberlake to the 30 somethings, you can potentially have one household listening to 4-5 different genres of music rather than one. Which makes record companies rich as heck. Same with TV — when all TV was aimed at everyone, it meant that one household could only consume one show at a time. With every person in the house now using their own personal TVs in their own rooms (preferably watching different shows) you can have the same house consuming more media. All of that is of course great for advertisers (the real consumers of TV) who can now target something to the daughter, something different to the mother, and the father, and have no interference from the other people who might think said product is rediculous.

      I think it’s a bad trend, as it means that there’s very little shared culture among different demographics — even if they’re part of the same house. families have nothing to share, communities as well — kids and adults don’t spend the same amount of time together, they have very little to talk about, and at that point, there’s nothing a parent can say to a kid that makes sense — they may as well be aliens.

  20. sunny day says:

    There’s no culturally correct way to record Game of Thrones music, because Game of Thrones is not an actual culture.

  21. Curio says:

    How did this turn from a critique of GoT to an attack on this poor girl? Shame (or should I say guilt?) on you Pastabagel (and TLP for posting this).

  22. sarcasticwriter says:

    Are we seriously meant to believe that Pastabagel wouldn’t have been even *more* critical of Karliene if she’d worn a full GOT/fantasy/Middle Ages costume for the video?

  23. Face Bringer says:

    Didn’t anyone notice the narcissism in Karliene’s long-worded rebuttal? Wouldn’t it have been in her better interest to say “If you don’t like it, fuck you”?

    • walruss says:

      Can you imagine any bigger challenge to a person’s emotional well-being in this day in age than being singled out on the internet as “this sort of person.”

      That’s it. Identity acquired. Poor girl can be sad that people “hate” her, but happy that they know her. She can consider this her defining moment if she wants. How she responded to it, how she told PastaBagel off, how she overcame people who hate her “just because of who she is.” If she never DID anything else in her whole life, she’d still have that affirmation to lean on. I don’t know many people whose souls could survive an onslaught like that. I’m personally shocked at TLP for facilitating it.