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NYT op-ed: Martin Lindström misunderstands love, brain and iPhone

On the OP-ed column of New York Times last Friday Martin Lindström effectively misunderstands basic concepts of brain functioning and causality. This is made all the more sadder by the fact Lindström is an author of Buyology – Tryth and Lies About Why We Buy and Brandwashed, in the former of which he claims to have gathered&#133 Read the rest

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On NY Op-Ed: Brooks on moral individualism

David Brooks decides to use his OP-ED column in the NY Times to discuss the rise of moral individualism. He leans his critique on a Notre Dame –based sociology research group lead by Christian Smith, who have recently gathered their interviews 230 young adults into a book Lost in Transition. They found that the youth today are&#133 Read the rest

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WSJ on Divorce: Emperors new clothes

The Wall Street Journal published an article adapted from Susan Gregory Thomas’ “In Spite of Everything: A Memoir” titled The Divorce Generation. The article reads as a tragedy of a parent, who has been traumatised by the messy divorce of her own parents, and has vowed herself never to do such a thing to her children. Which, in&#133 Read the rest

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Does Porn Cause Madness? – or how to misuse science to fit to ideology

In CNN’s Global Public Square Naomi Wolf asks “Is Pornography Driving Men Crazy?”. Which, of course, is a rhetorical question as she obviously has picked her side.
The Overture
She begins by reflecting on the recent “self-destructive” sexual adventures of some high ranking men. She appears to have a problem mainly with the part that today people can&#133 Read the rest

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Pediatric Bipolar: If You Build It They Will Come

There’s an article on the New Scientist rummaging around the problem of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder. It uses the PBP diagnosis as an entry point into the critic of the DSM-entity. This is all very well, but he seems to forget that Pediatric Bipolar Disorder is not on the DSM-IV. There is only Bipolar Disorder, from which the childhood&#133 Read the rest

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Real Life Superheroes:

I’m sure many of you have by now heard of the Real Life Superhero phenomenon, or seen Kick Ass, or can otherwise deduct from the noun what is in question. Real Life Superheroes (RLSH) are ordinary (and I’m somewhat going on the limits of the term here) men and women who dress up like superheroes – tights, cape, mask,&#133 Read the rest

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Merely a King

Merely a King

Waster (2011) is Philippe Prouffs take on the existential absurdity of man, an umphteenth retake on the myth of Sisyphus, starring Denis Lavant. As such it excels. It is also a whole lot more. Go on, waste 11 minutes on it.
The man, clearly insane, look at his eyes, arrives at an island, armed with a plastic crown&#133 Read the rest

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