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Texas “Vampire” Arrest Sparks Lacking Discussion on Vampire Culture

Deborah Quinn Hensel of Reuters reports:

“The arrest of a Texas man who broke into a woman’s house, threw her against a wall and tried to suck her blood over the weekend has sparked discussion over the impact of vampire books and movies on U.S. youth culture.”

Although the article’s discussion seems lacking.
On the one hand, as&#133 Read the rest

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If Sexual Content is Invading Our Youth, Who Are the Invaders?

According to columnist “Chuck Norris” of :

MTV’s reality shows “Jersey Shore” and “16 and Pregnant” are only the beginnings of a television tidal wave of explicitly sexual content that is invading the hearts and minds of America’s youth.

While the word “invasion” captures the ubiquity of sex in the media, it actually does a disservice to&#133 Read the rest

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Find out from a Psychic if He’s Cheating

This online advertisement has at least two messages. First, that a psychic would be able to tell a woman if her man is cheating. Second, that you have to ask someone else to find out if your partner’s unfaithful.
Cheating is a breach of trust, reneging on an unspoken (or spoken) agreement. But what happens when a woman doesn’t&#133 Read the rest

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