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Codebreaking: Imported from the Rust Belt

Codebreaking: Imported from the Rust Belt

All three ads tell a decidedly post-crash story. What is the story they are telling? How is the story told? Consider the signs (it helps to turn off the sound): dilapidated buildings, obstructed flags, obscured parades, closeups of large hands, arms, and backs. Labor, physical work. Black and white, and desaturated color. Old footage inter-cut with new. Railroads. Power&#133 Read the rest

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“Steroids are not the problem, they are just another side effect of being American….”

“Bigger, Stronger, Faster” is a 2008 documentary about the controversy surrounding steroid use in America. The first half systematically debunks myths about steroids (e.g., how they have been successfully used to keep HIV patients alive and well, the fact that all counter-evidence to general/medical use is correlational). The second half deals with the reason why Americans do steroids in&#133 Read the rest

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