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The new Facebook wall is a bookshelf

A House to Look Smart In
The most interesting part of this article is the lack of an ironic and mocking tone. If I wrote that article it would read “look at these status-obsessed weirdos who buy books by the foot that they’ll never read.” And most other articles about the books-by-the-foot industry do exactly that.
What&#133 Read the rest

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Book Review: Dan Simmons’s Flashback

The best science fiction, the science fiction that is most enjoyable, that hangs together, that is believable and doesn’t strand the reader uses a simple formula: a story set in our world, that plays by our physical rules with one exception. In Asimov’s world, robots existed and lived among us. What happens if time travel is really possible? We&#133 Read the rest

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The Passage of Time

In the Atlantic is an article entitled How Young Adult Fiction Came of Age. Young Adult is a genre of literature aimed towards 14-21 year old adolescents, and this article deals with what is perceived as the growing number of post-adolescent adults (it seems to imply 20s and maybe early 30 year olds) who are interested in these&#133 Read the rest

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Is Science Just a Matter of Faith?

I see a pattern emerging...

Look at these books:
If you don’t know who these authors are, you’d be forgiven for thinking these books came from the Bible Studies section of the bookstore. But in fact, these are science books, most of them written by the foremost thinkers in their respective fields, and many of them proud atheists. All of these books are about&#133 Read the rest

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