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The Best Model to a First Approximation

First an easy physics problem. Say you throw a ball into the air. Which part of the trip takes longer, the way up or the way down?
Did you account for the way the Earth’s gravitational field varies during the ball’s flight? How about its relativistic mass gain? The energy of rotation as the ball spins? Hopefully not,&#133 Read the rest

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Zizek: “Now the field is open”

Because (he says) capitalism is no longer self-evidently legitimate, and people are in a mindset where they can actually imagine a world without it, as opposed to making alterations within it (more social justice, etc), “the field is open” for a new kind of system.

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Protest and Consensus

Whether you’re with, against, or completely disengaged from the protests on Wall Street, I hope I can get you to admit that people are, in fact, there. Further, whether or not you think they’re there for the right reasons, or even no reason at all, when you gauge the mood of the collective it can be summarized as frustration,&#133 Read the rest

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Article I, Section 9, Clause 8: No titles of nobility?

Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution – No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States.
And no title is. Directly. But it does seem obvious that a social class exists in America that equates to nobility, and this class is sanctioned by the state. To be noble is essentially to be&#133 Read the rest

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A Sale of Indulgences

One worn-out memory: 11.99.

Finally being allowed to forget: priceless.

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Religion and Capitalism, or: We are all still Christians.

Religion and Capitalism, or: We are all still Christians.

Just the one more, I think. And then I’ll leave you alone.
Marx: “They do not know it, but they are doing it.”
A question: “Who does he think he is? Who is he preening for? Who does he think is watching him?”
An answer: You. None of that happens without you. Whether you think “Ooh, look&#133 Read the rest

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Facebook, Forever 21, and the Hidden Hypocrisies of Capitalism

Rob Horning of the always-awesome blog Marginal Utility has an essay at n+1 connecting the trends in fast-fashion retailers like Forever 21 to indentity formation on social media websites on the one hand and to perpetual uncertainty in labor markets throughout the world.

They have changed fashion from a garment making to an information business, optimizing their

&#133 Read the rest

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Academically Adrift in the Free Market

William Pannapacker writes a two-part article in The Chronicle of Higher Education (Part 1 Part 2) in response to the recent book Academically Adrift by Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa. According to Pannapacker, Arum and Roska find that “at least 45 percent of undergraduates demonstrated ‘no improvement in critical thinking, complex reasoning, and writing skills in the&#133 Read the rest

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