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Is telling another person what’s on the test cheating?

Get ready, you’re about to be lied to.

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Find out from a Psychic if He’s Cheating

This online advertisement has at least two messages. First, that a psychic would be able to tell a woman if her man is cheating. Second, that you have to ask someone else to find out if your partner’s unfaithful.
Cheating is a breach of trust, reneging on an unspoken (or spoken) agreement. But what happens when a woman doesn’t&#133 Read the rest

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The Infidelity Industry


The cover story of BusinessWeek is about the “cheating industry,” including popular sites like AshleyMadison.com and others that cater to husbands and wives looking to cheat on their spouses. Interesting statistics include a spike in registration by men the day after Father’s Day. As you’d expect, guilt-free and emotion-free sex is really the fantasy on offer&#133 Read the rest

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