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Star Wars: Attack of the Prequels

This is Plinkett, and he’s pretty angry about The Phantom Menace. His “review” mostly consists of an hour-and-a-half lambasting of George Lucas, Jar Jar Binks, and young Anikan’s crappy acting. The movie was released in 1999, and he’s still fuming. He’s not alone either. Multitudes of forty year old Star Wars fans share his hate of that “floppy eared&#133 Read the rest

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“Medium chill” is maximum wrong.

Add this to the ever-growing list of incredibly bad ideas. The article proposes a way of life called “the medium chill.” Medium chill is a lifestyle in which once you decide that you’ll never win the rat race, never get all the best stuff or even more than your neighbors, then there is no point in working hard,&#133 Read the rest

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