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Codebreaking: Samsung’s Next Big Thing

In it’s latest ad for it’s flagship smartphone, Samsung has decided to attack Apple head on:

Ok, actually they’ve decided to attack Apple’s customers head-on. By casting Apple’s customer base as a status conscious nothing-better-to-do hipster fanboys, they hope that you will infer that Samsung customers are the opposite: rational, driven people, persuaded by performance and quantifiable feature not&#133 Read the rest

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Codebreaking: Diet Coke’s “Stay Extraordinary”

Codebreaking: Diet Coke’s “Stay Extraordinary”

The older a product is, the more it is a commodity, and the fewer objectively discernible qualities or features it has, the more the advertiser is forced to construct a fictional “grand narrative” to sell you a product. They have to tell a story about the world, and place the product within that world in a way that is&#133 Read the rest

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