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We Choose to Be Lonely

We Choose to Be Lonely

Jeff is lonely. He “did the only logical thing” and posts a flyer about it. And that’s news.
One narrative of technology is that it bridges gaps. It connects us via skype, facebook, dating services, and message boards. By calling Jeff we can express ourselves in ways we believe we can’t in person. However, this narrative is&#133 Read the rest

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We Will Find You

We Will Find You

Greece, New York
It’s obvious what’s going on in the video. Some of you may have already seen it on Reddit, the news, etc. It has already gone viral, very unexpectedly. And of course, people want revenge, rightfully so. And in 2012, if you want revenge, all you have to do is look in the right places.
Because right&#133 Read the rest

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Internet Activists Take Down SOPA, Goverment Retaliates

SOPA was a stupid bill crafted by technically ignorant but deep-pocketed lobbyists for the entertainment industry. A number of high-profile websites got together, inconvenienced the general public for a day by taking down Wikipedia and reddit, and managed to get a number of Senators–mostly Republicans–to abandon their support for the bill.
Good for them.
However, the entertainment industry&#133 Read the rest

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1000 Days: a Postmodern Man Curates His Own Suicide

Mark Rife's website, "1000 days"

Here’s the awful story: Mark Rife, a pastor, saved his wife’s life after she fell off a 75-foot waterfall. She managed to recover, but six months later, she died in her sleep. Mark was devastated. After her funeral, Mark wanted to kill himself, but he recalled a question his wife asked after watching one of their favorite movies,&#133 Read the rest

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Intel’s Museum of Nostalgia

Intel’s Museum of Nostalgia

Intel has announced “The Museum of Me”, a web app which connects to your Facebook account to create a video of a walking tour through a museum dedicated to you, displaying pictures, friends, and the things you like in a 3D virtual gallery whose white walls and minimalist decor resembles MoMA. A video of a random user’s museum&#133 Read the rest

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The Problem of Trolling

Okay, so I’m operating on the assumption that you, savvy internet users, have come across the phenomenon of trolling at least once in your savvy internet using life. We’ve all seen it, some of us may do it, but I’ve always wondered why it works.
Let’s say that, hypothetically, you are crafting a blog comment which is deliberately packed&#133 Read the rest

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Twitter to developers: “We already own the market, so we don’t need to kick you out, but we’re doing it anyway.”

According to Ars Technica, Twitter sent its third-party developers one hell of a breakup letter, stating in no uncertain terms that they needed to quit building client apps.
The rationale:

“We need to move to a less fragmented world, where every user can experience Twitter in a consistent way. This is already happening organically–the number and market share

&#133 Read the rest

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