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Only a Unilever factory can save the Maldives

The Maldives is a small island state with the unfortunate attribute that its highest peak comes in at about 2.5 metres above sea level (a metre is like a decimal-based yard – try it, you’ll like it). This means that just a little bit of melted polar ice will suffice to turn their islands into reefs. Understandably enough, Read the rest

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Detecting deception, and something else

The NYT has a short article on fake web reviews (e.g. of a hotel) that were analyzed by a program. The general findings of the paper are that deception is signaled by:
increased use of “I” and “me” terms
personal pronouns
superlative (but not other kinds of) adjectives
verbs and adverbs
inclusion of external information (e.g. husband,… Read the rest

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