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Lotto winner on government assistance; the only victory here belongs to CNN

Amanda Clayton won a million dollars in the lottery. But she is still receiving “state food assistance”, which I assume is food stamps.
This is the kind of story clearly intended to trigger today’s 2 Minute Hate. In fact, if you only have time for a 10 Second Hate before Idol comes back from commercial, CNN totally has&#133 Read the rest

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“Here’s why you should always buy into your office lottery pool”

That’s the title of the news article. Not: “here’s what happened.” It’s a recommendation.
A bunch of employees down at the NY Homes and Community Renewal Agency play the lottery regularly. This time, they win– and get to split $300M.
That might seem like a non-story, and after March 29 it should have died.&#133 Read the rest

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