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Mad Men s6e1 Doorway


(It’s hard to write about a show that has exactly as many viewers as commentators and make it interesting.)
This season, Don Draper learns what women already know: you can be hot and bitchy up until the time you are only bitchy, and then you better hope you’ve accumulated a lot of money or a loving spouse because people&#133 Read the rest

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The problem of wives on cable TV

An interesting article in the LA Times about how the wives portrayed in cable dramas are…. hated.

Lori’s bloody end capped off a particularly rough year for AMC’s first wives club. When the once-svelte Betty showed up at the beginning of “Mad Men’s” fifth season carrying 50 or so pounds of extra weight, “Fat Betty” became an

&#133 Read the rest

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Mad Dolls


There’s something wrong with the fact that the Joan Holloway Barbie doll from Mattel, inspired by the hit show Mad Men, is as anorexic as Barbie dolls ever were. We’ve all heard enough about how Barbie dolls inspires negative body images in girls, but this doll is based on a real person, not the other way&#133 Read the rest

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