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How Target Knows Everything About You, Even If You Pay In Cash

A Forbes article describes Target is able to determine a teenage girl is pregnant before her father through massively complex data mining and pattern recognition techniques. The gist of the story is that every time you and everyone else pays with a credit card, they store all that data, look for patterns and exploit them.

As Pole’s computers

&#133 Read the rest

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Viral Fotoshop by Adobé (or really by Adobe?)

This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty.

“I was watching TV one sleepless night and stumbled upon an infomercial for some beauty product. The commercial showed before and after portraits that, to my eye, looked like the same photo just photoshopped. I laughed to myself. Then I made this video,” filmmaker Jesse Rosten said of&#133 Read the rest

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Only a Unilever factory can save the Maldives

The Maldives is a small island state with the unfortunate attribute that its highest peak comes in at about 2.5 metres above sea level (a metre is like a decimal-based yard – try it, you’ll like it). This means that just a little bit of melted polar ice will suffice to turn their islands into reefs. Understandably enough, Read the rest

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Movie Poster Cliches, or Why You Can Judge a Book by Its Cover

This is a great little roundup of every movie poster cliche currently operating right now.
It’s easy to poke fun at Hollywood (fun too), but the underlying problem with such a massive industry relying so heavily on visual cliches is that it works.  From action films to romantic comedies, we the audience respond to the cliches because we&#133 Read the rest

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Star Wars: Attack of the Prequels

This is Plinkett, and he’s pretty angry about The Phantom Menace. His “review” mostly consists of an hour-and-a-half lambasting of George Lucas, Jar Jar Binks, and young Anikan’s crappy acting. The movie was released in 1999, and he’s still fuming. He’s not alone either. Multitudes of forty year old Star Wars fans share his hate of that “floppy eared&#133 Read the rest

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NYT op-ed: Martin Lindström misunderstands love, brain and iPhone

On the OP-ed column of New York Times last Friday Martin Lindström effectively misunderstands basic concepts of brain functioning and causality. This is made all the more sadder by the fact Lindström is an author of Buyology – Tryth and Lies About Why We Buy and Brandwashed, in the former of which he claims to have gathered&#133 Read the rest

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Netflix becomes Postmodern, splits into two, and races for the bottom

Netflix is spinning off is DVD-by-mail business to focus on streaming. If there was ever an example of how postmodern business has become, this is it.
It is often said that in postmodernism, the curator was as important than the works he curated. That certainly seems to be the guiding principle behind this decision. Effectively, Netflix is throwing&#133 Read the rest

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What Will Be A Luxury in the Future? Everything Except Final Cut Pro.

Apple blew it. But to appreciate just how they blew it, we need a little context. Here’s a good place to start: BBC News Magazine asks “What Will Be A Luxury in the Future?” Their answer is wrong. The correct answer is “everything.” Everything, with the exception of Final Cut Pro X.
We used to think of luxuries&#133 Read the rest

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Brains of Apple fanboys respond to brand like religion, says neuroscience

Fans' brains change color to match their beloved Apple products.

“UK neuroscientists suggested that the brains of Apple devotees are stimulated by Apple imagery in the same way that the brains of religious people are stimulated by religious imagery.”
But you already knew this, right? Why else would Apple stores look like austere temples, replete with the graven idols of 30″ Cinema Displays and iPhones perched upon pedestals like&#133 Read the rest

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Carrots are the New Junk Food


A fascinating article in FastCompany describes the process of recoding the semiotics of “baby carrots” so they represent a snacky junk-food rather than a vegetable. The money quote is when the advertising executive says, “To have a great advertising idea, you have to get at the truth of the product…The truth about baby carrots is&#133 Read the rest

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