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They Love This T-Shirt

They Love This T-Shirt

Whenever something tragic like the violence in Aurora happens, I always think of this scene from “Almost Famous”. Note that I believe this clip is a different take from the one actually used in the movie. What you can’t see is that the t-shirt shows the band, but only Russell (the guitarist) is in focus.
When… Read the rest

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Censory Perception

The idea behind all censorship is that you don’t know what information is good for you, so there needs to be a filter to get you the good stuff without corrupting you with bad stuff. Even when it seems like the censor just wants to hinder access to stuff that is bad for whoever runs the censor, this still… Read the rest

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Inmate brags about how great it is to be in prison

I found this video hilarious, but I know a lot of people will disagree.
If you unclench your jaw for a second, you could ask, “so what?” He’s still in prison. We tell ourselves and each other that we object to the hoarding of food, certainly the weed, and the cell phone, but the part that enrages is simply… Read the rest

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The Media at Its Finest

As news leaked today of a gaffe on the part of Mr. Obama, news outlets responded in varying and telling ways. Perhaps this observation is simply a reinforcement of the adage “If you’re watching it, it’s for you,” that we seem to read in just about post and/or comment associated with Alone’s writing but I felt it might be… Read the rest

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Of Daisey, Kony, Conmen, Journalism, and Activism

I. A monologist named Mike Daisey struck guilt-over-white-privilege gold when he started touring with his monologue, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs. Interspersed with Apple history in Daisey’s carrying, fat man voice is a tale about his trip to Shenzhen, ostensibly to meet the sort of people who were assembling his Apple gear. In his tale, he… Read the rest

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Partisanship, served American-style

I. Obama’s too moderate; Romney- too wishy-washy; CNN describes the Republican presidential nomination process as “slow burning.” More recently: moderate Republican Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine is not seeking re-election. She joins a list that includes Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, and Evan Bayh. Moderatism is a problem, but so is partisanship. What’s really going on here?
There are two… Read the rest

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Greg Smith of Goldman Sachs Departs


Everyone knows the story of the Goldman Sachs exec who published an op-ed in the NYT explaining why he left.
On the one hand, it’s impossible to know if he did this out of conscience or…. because the subpoenas were coming. And this was a way of branding himself as more ethical than thou.
It… Read the rest

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X Kills Y Over Z

Fill in the X and Y. You’re looking at the Z.

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When would the cover be possible?

Under what circumstances would such a cover be possible?

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Motion Pictures

I’ve seen a few cracked.com posts linked here, so I thought I’d share one that seemed particularly appropriate.
A more digestible form of some themes that pop up here from time to time.
A ?new? breed of narcissism with our projected identity at the center. Others pieces in the set work, characters in our narrative. All this driven… Read the rest

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Viral Fotoshop by Adobé (or really by Adobe?)

This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty.

“I was watching TV one sleepless night and stumbled upon an infomercial for some beauty product. The commercial showed before and after portraits that, to my eye, looked like the same photo just photoshopped. I laughed to myself. Then I made this video,” filmmaker Jesse Rosten said of… Read the rest

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Does Time Magazine think Americans are stupider than Europeans?

time magazine

This is a common criticism of American news magazines: the covers for the American versions are for fluff, while the very same issue sports a hard-hitting, news-y cover for the overseas markets.

But the choice between these covers begs the question: Does Time really think Americans are more interested in coverage of their own

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Symbionts or reciprocal parasites with a prenup?

Recently in the woodlands of central America, a new plant arose from the primedial ooze. Aristotelian taxonomy has dubbed it a Kardashian, though the Latin designation is pending identification of its genus. Research continues, but many interesting facts about the Kardashian’s lifecycle, habitat, and reproduction habits have already been gleaned from indirect observation.
At first it appeared… Read the rest

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Does Facebook make your brain bigger?

Bait and switch.

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Convergent Evolution

(The following may or may not have been overheard while driving an imported luxury car in Guangzhou; names have been changed to protect, well, nothing. They don’t matter in the slightest.)
In the back seat of a Mercedes S 550, Zhu Wiaofing, Ministry of Transport Apparatchik, is dialling his mobile. In distant Beijing, Li Wibao, Zhu’s nephew in a… Read the rest

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#OccupyWallStreet, or Get a Job on Wall Street?

Signs in the windows of the Chicago Board of Trade read “We are the 1%.”
More on that sign in a minute.
An offshoot of the so-far ineffectual Occupy Wall Street movement is the trend of the poorest 99% of Americans sharing their personal tragedies with the world through the internet meme We Are The 99%.
Some quick… Read the rest

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“The Big Sexy Problem with Superheroines” in Comics is that Women Still Read Them

Laura Hudson at Comics Alliance has written a very thoughtful and personal indictment of the way DC Comics depicts female superheroes. She holds one one particularly egregious example (shown below) to “explain why these scenes don’t support sexually liberated women; they undermine them.”
Her conclusions is one that I would agree with, and that many others… Read the rest

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The meaning of 9/11′s most controversial photo

hoepker 9/11

Thomas Hoepker took this photo on 9/11, in Brooklyn.  What does it mean?

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What are the tabloids for?

audrina patridge mom

This is one of 5 pics of Audrina Patridge and her mother on a beach in Malibu.

Enjoying her last few days of summer, VH1 reality star Audrina Patridge spent some quality time with her mother Lynn at the beach in L.A. Wednesday. Wearing matching aqua bikinis, the two women strolled the

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NPR Believes Corporate Money Skews the News, Except When It Doesn’t

When NPR does on-air campaigning for listener donations, they make much of the fact that NPR is “independent” and non-profit. They distinguish themselves from for-profit news outlets, and imply that corporate money causes news to be biased in favor of the businesses who sponsor the reporting.
It’s a common premise among the left: If a news outlet is owned… Read the rest

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