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NPR Believes Corporate Money Skews the News, Except When It Doesn’t

When NPR does on-air campaigning for listener donations, they make much of the fact that NPR is “independent” and non-profit. They distinguish themselves from for-profit news outlets, and imply that corporate money causes news to be biased in favor of the businesses who sponsor the reporting.
It’s a common premise among the left: If a news outlet is owned… Read the rest

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Warren Buffett wants to be taxed on this, so you won’t tax him on that.

Warren Buffett wants us to stop coddling the super-rich. He argues for superlatively higher taxes on those with incomes greater than $1 million a year.

Since 1992, the I.R.S. has compiled data from the returns of the 400 Americans reporting the largest income. In 1992, the top 400 had aggregate taxable income of $16.9 billion and paid federal

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Article I, Section 9, Clause 8: No titles of nobility?

Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution – No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States.
And no title is. Directly. But it does seem obvious that a social class exists in America that equates to nobility, and this class is sanctioned by the state. To be noble is essentially to be… Read the rest

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“Here’s why you should always buy into your office lottery pool”

That’s the title of the news article. Not: “here’s what happened.” It’s a recommendation.
A bunch of employees down at the NY Homes and Community Renewal Agency play the lottery regularly. This time, they win– and get to split $300M.
That might seem like a non-story, and after March 29 it should have died.… Read the rest

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