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X Kills Y Over Z

Fill in the X and Y. You’re looking at the Z.

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John Hinckley’s Greatest Regret

A doctor who testified for the government noted in his 80-page report that Hinckley regrets not being able to show or sell the paintings he does, most of them landscapes.
“I would like to be known as something other than the would-be assassin,” Hinckley said.
Another doctor reported that around the time Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

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Norwegian Psychiatry Is Insane

the walking dead

In theory, a psychiatrist is not able to formulate a diagnosis without completing a full psychiatric evaluation; however, I am 100% certain of my assessment.

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Crazy? In Love?

It’s a tale as old as time. The crime of passion: Hemy Neuman, desperate to be with Andrea Sneiderman, bought a fake beard, located Andrea’s husband, and shot him. The question is, how desperate was he? Insanely?
The facts of the case are not disputed. There are phone records and emails that suggest Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman were having&#133 Read the rest

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