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The Ego Vs. Itself

A woman gets into a bad accident, suffers trauma-induced depression et. al., and copes with it by playing a game she created.
I’ve been curious about how to use the ego against itself. It hates (e.g.) the success of others, so how do you structure an environment to take advantage of that. Can you?
One thing my&#133 Read the rest

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Susan Boyle, Redux

Susan Boyle, Redux

Here’s the latest viral clip from Britain’s Got Talent, currently approaching 8 million views after just over a week on youtube, a number which is exploding now that the American audience has discovered it. Perhaps you’ve seen it but if not, watch and pay attention to your reaction.

On the surface of course this is a feel-good story with&#133 Read the rest

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Naomi Wolf Joins Fox News

I do not think Naomi Wolf is stupid.  And if she was, there’d be no point in using her example.  It was because she is smart, and a feminist, that her misreading of the video was so important.
If you showed her a Yelawolf video she’d be able to find hidden misogyny in the&#133 Read the rest

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John Hinckley’s Greatest Regret

A doctor who testified for the government noted in his 80-page report that Hinckley regrets not being able to show or sell the paintings he does, most of them landscapes.
“I would like to be known as something other than the would-be assassin,” Hinckley said.
Another doctor reported that around the time Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

&#133 Read the rest

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Meaning of Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Meaning of Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Wikypedia agrees with “film critic Nathan Rabin, who coined the term“, MPDG is “bubbly, shallow cinematic creature that exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manic_Pixie_Dream_Girl
Feminist Anita Sarkeesian accepts this interpretation. Of course she absolutely don´t like such a stereotype and&#133 Read the rest

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Little Bad Illusion

Little Bad Illusion

In the cult of pop, the DJ is the High Priest. (The MC is the High Priestess) He is the weaver of the magic that keeps the party hopping. He’s the reason why people go to clubs. Anyone who’s ever tried to replicate the club experience at home knows that without a skilled DJ, the party’s going to suck.&#133 Read the rest

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Great Danes

(If you’re looking for the Hamlet Cliff Notes for your homework, this probably won’t help. But it might.)
Tycho Brahe
Tycho Brahe was a famous Danish aristocrat and astronomer. Actually, he wasn’t really much of an astronomer. He was loaded, so he bought lots of fancy optical kit, which cost a mint back then, and just wrote down what&#133 Read the rest

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Review: A Beautiful Boy

Review: A Beautiful Boy

“Beautiful Boy” is a film about a couple and their failing relationship. At the beginning the husband is about to move out, and the wife is pissed because he was supposed to go on vacation with her and their kid. But it all turns out okay. The vacation gets canceled. Their son shoots a large number of people, and&#133 Read the rest

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Protestors Get Maced

Protestors Get Maced

Oh God.
Police Use Forceful Tactics and Mace” reads the headline, which admittedly, is rigorously accurate.
The problem is that this is a game, this is pretend. There’s no consequences, no risk, and no expectation of change. It exists exclusively for the protestors to be part of something. It’s Woodstock 2011 with better music.
Which is fine, it’s&#133 Read the rest

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Ron Paul Forgot that America is a Blue Pill Nation

During the Republican Debate on CNN earlier this week, Ron Paul was asked a question about whether he would cut defense spending in order to balance the budget. His answer included the following statements:

I’m tired of all the militarism that we are involved in. And we’re wasting this money in getting us involved. And I agree, we are

&#133 Read the rest

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Understanding Doesn’t Create Empathy

Understanding Doesn’t Create Empathy

As a teacher, I keep an eye out for short video clips that I can use to trigger class discussions. A colleague of mine send me this short clip, expecting me to be as thrilled as he was:

It’s (supposed to be) a lovely message from a Bible Fellowship that wants to convey the messages of empathy and a&#133 Read the rest

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There are no Americans in Baghdad

“Please tell me everything is going to be all right”
The dollar is hitting all-time lows. Serious inflation of nearly every commodity has taken place in the past three years. Gold is hitting all time highs. The national debt in the US is higher than it has ever been, and it continues to rise. The markets have not seen&#133 Read the rest

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“I don’t fit in with the oafs.” Yes you do.

In the Chronicle of Higher Education: I Don’t Fit In With The Oafs.

Question (from “Abel”): Ecstatic about landing a tenure-track job last year, my partner and I moved to a place where we’d rather not live. We figured that a few years here wouldn’t be bad and, anyway, the university would be something of an oasis. The

&#133 Read the rest

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Mom is super embarrassing, or worse

A mom shops at her daughter’s favorite hip clothing store, Hollister, daughter is embarrassed. Only CNN knows better. They found a study from Temple University–“[M]oms are turning into ‘consumer doppelgangers’ of their children, shopping in teen stores so as to mimic the identities of their teenage daughters.”
OMFG, well now it’s time to&#133 Read the rest

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A Different Kind of Love Song

A Different Kind of Love Song

OK, so what’s going on here? The first thing that jumps out is the superficiality of the guys she’s describing. They have nice cars whose A/Cs they run with the drop-top down. He might be a cocaine dealer, she doesn’t care, so long as he has the right kind of build.
The gym rats in the video and the&#133 Read the rest

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The next phase in the evolution of action movies

What does a boy get as a role model?

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Should you quit smoking today? It’s raining, better wait. Should you go on Atkins? Can you really eat nothing but bacon and still fit into a size 8? This guy does.
Or doesn’t — depending on whether its really him, or his cyber-jacked identity raped shell of an internet self.
“If you’d told us the truth, we&#133 Read the rest

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WSJ on Divorce: Emperors new clothes

The Wall Street Journal published an article adapted from Susan Gregory Thomas’ “In Spite of Everything: A Memoir” titled The Divorce Generation. The article reads as a tragedy of a parent, who has been traumatised by the messy divorce of her own parents, and has vowed herself never to do such a thing to her children. Which, in&#133 Read the rest

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Real Life Superheroes:

I’m sure many of you have by now heard of the Real Life Superhero phenomenon, or seen Kick Ass, or can otherwise deduct from the noun what is in question. Real Life Superheroes (RLSH) are ordinary (and I’m somewhat going on the limits of the term here) men and women who dress up like superheroes – tights, cape, mask,&#133 Read the rest

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Intel’s Museum of Nostalgia

Intel’s Museum of Nostalgia

Intel has announced “The Museum of Me”, a web app which connects to your Facebook account to create a video of a walking tour through a museum dedicated to you, displaying pictures, friends, and the things you like in a 3D virtual gallery whose white walls and minimalist decor resembles MoMA. A video of a random user’s museum&#133 Read the rest

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