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Samsung vs. Apple = Red vs. Blue, Guess Who Wins

Samsung vs. Apple = Red vs. Blue, Guess Who Wins

This is a simple ad, which is also why it is being displayed in…. newspapers.  It plays off  Apple’s Genius theme, but it is, literally, a straightforward comparison between two objects (obviously skewed towards the Galaxy S III.)
This is the kind of ad that you would never see for a political candidate except in… Read the rest

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Ghosts of the Republic

The media circus surrounding Trayvon Martin’s death has seemingly come to a close. The tents taken down, the elephants caged, the props placed back on the wagon to head off to a new old town aptly denoted “The Past.” For weeks, America stood up in arms over the legitimacy of statutory law, over the prudence of government bureaucracy, the… Read the rest

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The question none dare ask: would John McCain have been better?

It’s really two questions:
What would John McCain have done differently, that lead to different results? QE1 but not QE2? A bigger stimulus? A smaller? Raised taxes? Lowered them? Much of the economic momentum was already in place. Even if McCain had different ideas at the beginning, would economic realities have forced him into the same strategies? Note how… Read the rest

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Osama bin Laden is dead. Now what?

The reason the war in Afghanistan started.

By now everyone has heard the news: US military forces killed Osama bin Laden and buried his body at sea.
People are celebrating, and rightly or wrongly giving the President credit. By why does it matter?
Why does bin Laden’s killing matter? Operationally, it doesn’t at all–he wasn’t any kind of a tactical or strategic mastermind and… Read the rest

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Obama Releases Birth Certificate. Is it Real?

Is anything?
The White House has released President Obama’s long-form birth certificate:
This isn’t the document the campaign produced back in 2008, which is the same birth certificate anyone from Hawaii would receive if they requested a copy from the state. Instead, this new document is the one that is on record with the State, and which is… Read the rest

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If you want kids to learn science, you need a better sales pitch.

“I always hear stories about how we can’t find engineers, and that’s why we’re emphasizing Math and Science … We want to start making Science cool. I want people to feel about the next big energy breakthrough and the next big Internet breakthrough the same way they felt about the moonwalk.”
So said President Obama at a townRead the rest

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