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What if Male Superheroes Posed Like Female Superheroes?

I like how Superman's hand is wider than Wonder woman's waist.

This is the cover of Justice League #1. If you are shocked and appalled by this, I should point out that this is what comic book covers have looked like for most of the last ninety billion years:
Then someone decided to point out how stupid Wonder woman looked by drawing all the male character in similar&#133 Read the rest

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Guess Who Dies in Green Lantern.

We do love our superhero movies, don’t we. I’ve had something of a pet theory for a few years now that says that all superhero comic book mythologies are little more than the superego punishing the id in a celebration of a superficially Nietzschean, almost fascist worldview. What is much more interesting is why audiences find these stories so&#133 Read the rest

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The Fast and the Fatherless

The Fast and the Fatherless

When you watch most action movies, it’s easy to get caught up in the car chases, explosions, and hot chicks that define them. But when you look beyond those, beyond the trite dialogue, beyond the contrived plots, is there anything there? In most action films, there isn’t. So they don’t last beyond a single picture. But the The Fast&#133 Read the rest

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