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Louis CK on being a father part 2

Louis CK on being a father part 2

Louis CK did a PSA about being a father, and, specifically, how nothing else is as important as being a parent.
While I agreed, I made the point that Louie is divorced and has only partial custody. This doesn’t diminish him as a father, but I suggested that it might be easier to focus in on being a&#133 Read the rest

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WSJ on Divorce: Emperors new clothes

The Wall Street Journal published an article adapted from Susan Gregory Thomas’ “In Spite of Everything: A Memoir” titled The Divorce Generation. The article reads as a tragedy of a parent, who has been traumatised by the messy divorce of her own parents, and has vowed herself never to do such a thing to her children. Which, in&#133 Read the rest

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When the Golden Mean is just plain mean

A pre-school in Sweden is going to achieve gender equality. The idea is to remove any stimulation that might give the kids an idea of whether they’re boys or girls, according to society’s definition of these. Gendered toys will be available, but they’ll be “placed side by side to encourage a child to play with whatever he or&#133 Read the rest

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Does the WSJ want you to have more kids, or not?


Context in a newspaper is easy– it’s right in front of you. Context online is more slippery.  So hold on.

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What happens to kids raised by lesbian parents?

39 boys and 39 girls raised by 73 sets of lesbian parents (after donor insemination) were permitted by their mothers to be contacted at age 17.
93% of the lesbians were white; 47% Northeast, 43% West. Average age at conception: 35
56% of the couples had separated at child’s mean age of 7. 70% of those continued to share&#133 Read the rest

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