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How to Grow Up

How to Grow Up

Early Childhood
Little kids are pure id; it’s all impulse. You ask them if they want another scoop of ice cream, and they’re thinking: “Do I want another scoop?! Are you nuts or just an idiot? Of course I want more ice cream. We should eat nothing but ice cream. This is what I’ve been telling you since the&#133 Read the rest

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What if Male Superheroes Posed Like Female Superheroes?

I like how Superman's hand is wider than Wonder woman's waist.

This is the cover of Justice League #1. If you are shocked and appalled by this, I should point out that this is what comic book covers have looked like for most of the last ninety billion years:
Then someone decided to point out how stupid Wonder woman looked by drawing all the male character in similar&#133 Read the rest

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Guess Who Dies in Green Lantern.

We do love our superhero movies, don’t we. I’ve had something of a pet theory for a few years now that says that all superhero comic book mythologies are little more than the superego punishing the id in a celebration of a superficially Nietzschean, almost fascist worldview. What is much more interesting is why audiences find these stories so&#133 Read the rest

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Religion and Capitalism, or: We are all still Christians.

Religion and Capitalism, or: We are all still Christians.

Just the one more, I think. And then I’ll leave you alone.
Marx: “They do not know it, but they are doing it.”
A question: “Who does he think he is? Who is he preening for? Who does he think is watching him?”
An answer: You. None of that happens without you. Whether you think “Ooh, look&#133 Read the rest

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When Debate Fails, Turn to Analysis

The question is the symptom.

In a previous article, “Is Science Just a Matter of Faith?” I argued that for non-scientists, science is a matter of belief–faith, if you will–in the statements made by authority figures about science. An article in Mother Jones, “The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science”, presents a series of very elaborate and rather convoluted propositions from&#133 Read the rest

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