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A black woman is loud on a train

abc news

Woman was taken off the Amtrak quiet car because she was talking loudly on her cell for 16 hours (seems long.)
A passenger had asked her to be quiet, and she apparently became belligerent.
That’s about all you can say about the story without including any mention of race:
which these four numbskulls manage to never do.
They&#133 Read the rest

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Black Women are Less Attractive (If Your Idea of Black Women Comes from TV)

Everything you need to know is in blue letters at the top.

At least, not according to evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa. Psychology Today published an article by the London School of Economics psychologist that concludes that black women are less attractive based on some dicey and very biased statistical analysis of very subjective opinions obtained from a longitudinal study of adolescent health (Add Health). This is the article as it originally&#133 Read the rest

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Why can’t asian men get laid?

asian like me

New York Magazine writes about the plight of Asians in America.  Do you think New York Magazine cares about Asians?  It doesn’t.  The article isn’t about them.

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Codebreaking: Diet Coke’s “Stay Extraordinary”

Codebreaking: Diet Coke’s “Stay Extraordinary”

The older a product is, the more it is a commodity, and the fewer objectively discernible qualities or features it has, the more the advertiser is forced to construct a fictional “grand narrative” to sell you a product. They have to tell a story about the world, and place the product within that world in a way that is&#133 Read the rest

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