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racial representation in postracial fiction and the banality of ultra-violence

I don’t see what all the HUNGER GAMES hubbub is about. I mean, Jennifer Lawrence has experience playing a person of color. That isn’t good enough for you people? (What do I mean, “you people”?)
Strike that, start again. I don’t get what all the HUNGER GAMES hubbub is about. The black characters in the book exist to&#133 Read the rest

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Viola Davis Is Hotter Than Charlize Theron

This video is so gut wrenchingly douchy that I am warning you not to watch it if you are prone to bowel obstruction.

“I’m a 46-year-old black woman who really doesn’t look like Halle Berry, and Halle Berry is having a hard time,” said Davis.
Katherine Heigel interrupts and says,  “You have to stop saying that, because you’re&#133 Read the rest

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“Labeling can be problematic.” No Kidding.

It’s a study!

Black youth are arrested for drug crimes at a rate ten times higher than that of whites. But new research shows that young African Americans are actually less likely to use drugs and less likely to develop substance use disorders, compared to whites, Native Americans, Hispanics and people of mixed race.

I guess everything I&#133 Read the rest

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So that’s how Panera makes money: it’s racist?


From the authoritative The Washington Post — wait a second, it’s from the AP, which means everyone is using the same body text and only changing the title:
Man says he was fired for hiring black cashiers at bread shop
Pa bakery boss claims firing was race retaliation
(Fox) Ex-Panera manager says he was fired&#133 Read the rest

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Codebreaking: Nivea’s “Re-civilize Yourself”


Is this ad racist?

Lots of people sure think it is, and it may be, but it appears everyone missed the true focus of the ad.

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Exactly the wrong response to the Norway bombings

By now you’ve all heard the terrible news. A “a blonde blue-eyed Norwegian with reported Christian fundamentalist, anti-Muslim views” went on a bombing and shooting spree in Norway killing 92 people, many of them children.
The hand-wringing started almost immediately. how could this have happened in civilized Norway, where multiculturalism and tolerance are a part of children’s education from&#133 Read the rest

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Non-threatening minority is non-threatening

Non-threatening minority is non-threatening

I hear this term thrown around casually in movie reviews, to describe Obama, in blogs, etc.
It’s a weird term, why is it said? You’ll never hear “non-threatening white person” because I suppose it is by default that white people are not threatening anything. When the term is used to whom is the minority non-threatening? White people, right?&#133 Read the rest

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