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The Magic Trick

By Adrian Tomine

When you find out the mechanics of a magic trick, does it make the trick cooler or does it ruin it for you?
In this drawing by Adrian Tomine, you see two people who have just happened to take a glance at each other’s respective area only to discover they are reading the same book.
It’s just too bad&#133 Read the rest

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Why do victims of abuse return to their abusers?

This blog lists the twenty most common reasons women return to the men who abuse them so brutally that they end up in the hospital. But the list, while poignant, misses the point
Pervocracy highlights the reasons most commonly heard in an emergency room, but these reasons are more verbalizations of symptoms not problems.
The reason victims return&#133 Read the rest

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Get to Digging!

Get to Digging!

I wanted to do Justin Bieber, but he’s going to have to wait. Today is Incubus’s Dig.

The animation is really interesting. Incubus laid out a contest for their fans, and incorporated the best animation for the video into the official one. The artwork captures the tone of the song perfectly. Somber, melancholic. The tree is all but dead,&#133 Read the rest

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Shooting suspect surrenders, and then it gets interesting

The title of the news story is “Alabama College shooting suspect surrenders to the media.” Getting “college shooting” and “media” in the same title is even better than penis and vagina in the same photo. And SFW.
Of course, the college was incidental to the story– but necessary to the media that wants to&#133 Read the rest

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Promiscuous Boy, Get to the Point

Promiscuous Boy, Get to the Point

This song is ancient by pop music standards. But it’s still one of the best illustrations of the club singles scene I’ve ever seen.

Let’s start with the title of the song. “Promiscuous.” That’s a big word. It’s repeated several times throughout the chorus and keeps reminding you; these aren’t normal people we’re dealing with. These are promiscuous people.&#133 Read the rest

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Find out from a Psychic if He’s Cheating

This online advertisement has at least two messages. First, that a psychic would be able to tell a woman if her man is cheating. Second, that you have to ask someone else to find out if your partner’s unfaithful.
Cheating is a breach of trust, reneging on an unspoken (or spoken) agreement. But what happens when a woman doesn’t&#133 Read the rest

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Warner Brothers Officially New Expert Source On Relationships

The seven-year itch has become the three-year anaphylaxis, according to a survey mentioned at CBSNews Healthwatch.
This is where it gets ugly:

The survey of 2,000 adults in steady relationships – commissioned by Warner Brothers to promote the release of its new comedy, “Hall Pass” – showed that couples spend less time in the bedroom as they become

&#133 Read the rest

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