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Disney Likes Satan

Disney Likes Satan

If you get to Prometheus early, say, 40 minutes early, you get to see commercials for upcomng TV shows.
Synopsis: sexy New Yorkers argue and fornicate in a demonic apartment building run by a demonic couple.  666.  Get it?  Cue religious protesting groups.
In the trailer I saw, there was an interview with Vanessa Williams:

It’s one part Rosemary’s

&#133 Read the rest

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Nietzsche was only half right

Not dead yet

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1000 Days: a Postmodern Man Curates His Own Suicide

Mark Rife's website, "1000 days"

Here’s the awful story: Mark Rife, a pastor, saved his wife’s life after she fell off a 75-foot waterfall. She managed to recover, but six months later, she died in her sleep. Mark was devastated. After her funeral, Mark wanted to kill himself, but he recalled a question his wife asked after watching one of their favorite movies,&#133 Read the rest

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Deus ex Machina: if there is no God, Heaven, or afterlife, could we create them?

The New Statesman asks prominent atheists why they don’t believe. The answers are insightful but unsurprising, and around the internet it has generated the usual debates where people dig in their heels and yield no quarter on the issue.
I propose examining the question backwards. Let’s say there is no God, no afterlife, etc. Assume the atheist’s positions&#133 Read the rest

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Religion and Capitalism, or: We are all still Christians.

Religion and Capitalism, or: We are all still Christians.

Just the one more, I think. And then I’ll leave you alone.
Marx: “They do not know it, but they are doing it.”
A question: “Who does he think he is? Who is he preening for? Who does he think is watching him?”
An answer: You. None of that happens without you. Whether you think “Ooh, look&#133 Read the rest

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Gay teen exposes brainwashing at Utah re-education camp

Cross Creek is the closest thing we have in the United States to forced re-education camps. Cross Creek and other facilities like it are where grotesque parents send their kids to have the gay bullied out of them and the Jesus bullied into them.
This is the story of one girl who was sent there, what she&#133 Read the rest

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Brains of Apple fanboys respond to brand like religion, says neuroscience

Fans' brains change color to match their beloved Apple products.

“UK neuroscientists suggested that the brains of Apple devotees are stimulated by Apple imagery in the same way that the brains of religious people are stimulated by religious imagery.”
But you already knew this, right? Why else would Apple stores look like austere temples, replete with the graven idols of 30″ Cinema Displays and iPhones perched upon pedestals like&#133 Read the rest

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Hasidic Paper Disappears Hillary Clinton To Preserve Its Existence

Hasidic Williamsburg newspaper Der Tzitung removed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Director for Counterterrorism Audery Tomason from the now-famous photograph showing the President White House and military staff watching the assassination of bin Laden. Why did they do this, and does it matter?
Der Tzitung has not publicly explained its reasons for deleting the women from the&#133 Read the rest

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Lady Gaga’s “Judas”: Scandalizing Catholic Schoolgirls Everywhere

Lady Gaga’s “Judas”: Scandalizing Catholic Schoolgirls Everywhere

“JUDASVIDEO PREMIERE 5.5.11 on E! 7/6c + 11:30/10c. Motorcycle Fellini PopArt FantasyFilm + Haus Directorial Debut. ” – @ladygaga
When you read something that namechecks Fellini, you expect Fellini. Lady Gaga’s new video “Judas” is weak suace even for her. It’s Gaga without the weird costumes, without the nulled-gender, and without the weirdness. In other words it’s Madonna,&#133 Read the rest

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Is Science Just a Matter of Faith?

I see a pattern emerging...

Look at these books:
If you don’t know who these authors are, you’d be forgiven for thinking these books came from the Bible Studies section of the bookstore. But in fact, these are science books, most of them written by the foremost thinkers in their respective fields, and many of them proud atheists. All of these books are about&#133 Read the rest

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Choose the heliocentric view, and despair

Solarsystemscope is an online… planetarium? which is much more user friendly than the downloadable Celestia. (And if you go with Celestia, check out the add ons.)
It’s fun to play with, and kids will instantly understand how days and nights, seasons, eclipses, and prophecies are produced.  “Oh, so that’s how you Revelations 6:12 it!”&#133 Read the rest

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