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Hasidic Paper Disappears Hillary Clinton To Preserve Its Existence

Hasidic Williamsburg newspaper Der Tzitung removed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Director for Counterterrorism Audery Tomason from the now-famous photograph showing the President White House and military staff watching the assassination of bin Laden. Why did they do this, and does it matter?
Der Tzitung has not publicly explained its reasons for deleting the women from the&#133 Read the rest

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Muslim Veils Have No Place in the Surveillance Society

The Panopticon

The ban on face veils in France is now being actively enforced, with two Muslim women being detained for wearing veils. The goverment’s rationale for the law is, as President Sarkozy put it, “to protect women from being forced to cover their faces and to uphold France’s secular values. So while the punishment for breaking the law&#133 Read the rest

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