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Walt Disney CTO: Movies are about “visual spectacle,” not story

Walt Disney Animation Studios chief technical officer Andy Hendrickson, describes thinking behind the studio’s film strategy:

“People say ‘It’s all about the story,’” Hendrickson said. “When you’re making tentpole films, bullshit.” Hendrickson showed a chart of the top 12 all-time domestic grossers, and noted every one is a spectacle film. Of his own studio’s “Alice in Wonderland,” which is

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How Critics Ruin Television

Apparently, most critics hated the season finale of The Killing. That isn’t notable. What is notable is why.
This is one of the most frustrating season finales in TV history. After a whole season in which Sud and her writers gave little (if any) indication that they didn’t know how to properly pace a story line to maintain&#133 Read the rest

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