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On NY Op-Ed: Brooks on moral individualism

David Brooks decides to use his OP-ED column in the NY Times to discuss the rise of moral individualism. He leans his critique on a Notre Dame –based sociology research group lead by Christian Smith, who have recently gathered their interviews 230 young adults into a book Lost in Transition. They found that the youth today are&#133 Read the rest

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When your son asks to dress as a girl, it means you failed as a parent.

You read that right.
A question posed on one of the stupidest websites on the internet, Today.com, asks “Is it OK for little boys to dress up as girls?” This is the answer that ends the article:

“I applaud you for letting your child be unique, imaginative and free from the constraints of our closed society,” one poster

&#133 Read the rest

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What if Male Superheroes Posed Like Female Superheroes?

I like how Superman's hand is wider than Wonder woman's waist.

This is the cover of Justice League #1. If you are shocked and appalled by this, I should point out that this is what comic book covers have looked like for most of the last ninety billion years:
Then someone decided to point out how stupid Wonder woman looked by drawing all the male character in similar&#133 Read the rest

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A Sale of Indulgences

One worn-out memory: 11.99.

Finally being allowed to forget: priceless.

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J.Crew Ad Tells Obsessive Moms that Obsessiveness is Okay


J.Crew’s online catalog has a feature “Saturday With Jenna,” in which Jenna is shown painting the toes of her young son Beckett a bright neon pink. “Lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon.” This delightful tableaux of postmodern life is shown next to&#133 Read the rest

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