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Hope I Die Before I Get Old

It is of culturally historical importance when you have a show that spans years and still retains its same audience while upholding the “feel” that it started out with (Not jumping the shark and turning into a mess, etc.) The particular generation that grew up with that show infers many things about culture and “the times” from that show.&#133 Read the rest

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Joe Strummer: The Past is Unintelligible

Joe Strummer: The Past is Unintelligible

You’ve seen them. The concert films. The “rockumentaries.” These hagiographies of has-been musical acts that litter cable TV. They’re, always the same. There is some claim to the bands authenticity, though what they are supposed to authentically be is vaguely defined and quickly glossed over. There is a brief recitation of the band’s hardscrabble beginnings in back alley bars&#133 Read the rest

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US Multiculturalism is funny: Republica Deportiva.

US Multiculturalism is funny: Republica Deportiva.

Most South American TV shows are produced in Miami and Los Angeles. Univision is the most successful Latin network outranking the CW in ratings (1). Its flagship Sunday sports show Republica Deportiva is insane (2).
Consider my first sentence. North America is largely responsible for the content consumed by Latin Americans. South America is not very good at studying,&#133 Read the rest

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The Spectacle of 9/11, the “Mother of All Events”

The Internet Archive has released “The 9/11 Television News Archive” over 3,000 hours of news footage from 9-11 through 9-16-2001 from all major worldwide news outlets. Considering that most people experienced 9-11 through television, rather than in person, it seems like a monument to how people experience history–mediated in real-time, rather than directly or through reflective, after-the-fact accounts.&#133 Read the rest

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If Sexual Content is Invading Our Youth, Who Are the Invaders?

According to columnist “Chuck Norris” of Townhall.com :

MTV’s reality shows “Jersey Shore” and “16 and Pregnant” are only the beginnings of a television tidal wave of explicitly sexual content that is invading the hearts and minds of America’s youth.

While the word “invasion” captures the ubiquity of sex in the media, it actually does a disservice to&#133 Read the rest

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Mr. Rogers Today

Mr. Rogers Today

Thought you might find this interesting. Wait a few minutes into the video.
I wonder what a child is supposed to think after a full 30 minutes of this.

[Editor’s Note: It’s worth sitting through the whole 5 minutes of the video. -PB]

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Game Theory and When to Kill Off a Character

Just to make things interesting, I’ve decided to number the points according to the chorus of a catchy song.
Ever since people have been able to create works of fiction, they have sought to relate it to the external world in some way. Perhaps the story was actually about the real world, perhaps it was only loosely&#133 Read the rest

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How Critics Ruin Television

Apparently, most critics hated the season finale of The Killing. That isn’t notable. What is notable is why.
This is one of the most frustrating season finales in TV history. After a whole season in which Sud and her writers gave little (if any) indication that they didn’t know how to properly pace a story line to maintain&#133 Read the rest

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Dr. House Tells You What Life is Worth


This post analyzes the latest episode of House, Last Temptation, for a which a full synopsis is not yet available. But before that, a question:
Say your a chef. Not only do you love cooking, you love eating. Finding new and interesting ways to blend flavors is what makes your day. Just thinking about heading&#133 Read the rest

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Simulating the Simulated Experience. With Gum.

Simulating the Simulated Experience. With Gum.

Watch this commercial. It’s for gum, but that doesn’t matter.

The ad shows three attractive and racially diverse people from dystopian sci-fi central casting entering separate isolation booths, strapping themselves into chairs with hoses that plug into the backs of their heads, and then ascending together into a large open gunmetal grey steel testing chamber. An old white male&#133 Read the rest

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