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The Busy Trap

Life too busy? Let this guy offer a solution.
All I can think is how it must be nice to have the luxury of having to barely work for a living–apparently without the distractions of raising kids. But this article is useful, I’ll take it into account the next time I’m haggling with an employer about not being&#133 Read the rest

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Fry-Cooks or Dilettantrepreneurs?… Artists and Liberal Artists… What do you want to be when you grow up?

Rona Economou dropped some serious coin on education and professional training
~ likely at least ~ US$ 200K…
This is where she works:

“The sweet smell of success? So this is really better than working at Mickey D’s?”
Maybe she would have been better off keeping that tuition money and getting the kind of free professional management training McDonalds&#133 Read the rest

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